Matias Is The New Hottest Magician
for Jewish Celebrations in NY!

We Guarantee His Charming Accent Along With His Unique Blend Of Top-Notch Magic, Clean Comedy, High Energy, And Lots Of Audience Participation Will Make Your Next Jewish Celebration Fun, Amazing and Memorable, Or You’ll Get The Show FREE And We’ll Donate $100 To Your Favorite Charity Just For Wasting Your Time!

Thank you for your interest in Matias’ Stage Show. We call him the Jewish Celebration Entertainer Specialist because he knows how to make Jewish celebration fun, exciting and memomrable with the best clean comedy magic! Many times throughout the year he helps make Jewish events fun, entertaining and exciting. The best style of entertainment for event such as yours, is a fun and interactive stage show. This is where Matias performs illusions and comedy tricks with his male assistant that will have everybody laughing, entertained, amused and amazed. Everybody will be involved with the magic as it includes lots of active audience participation. Just imagine the audience faces when Matias makes a table float in the air!

We know how stressful it can be to plan your event. You want to have a fun, clean and memorable event…..and all while staying within a budget.

What Really Makes A Special Event Unforgettable?

We believe that a good and clean quality show that keeps the everyone engaged and entertained is the most important factor to making your Jewish Celebration fun and memorable. But there are so many options to choose from and everybody will tell you they are “the best”. Do you hire this person or another? It’s frustrating to try and figure out who will please everyone, isn’t it?




The Magic of Imagination is an invitation to discover the importance of using our imagination to achieve goals and make dreams come true. The show’s unique blend of sophisticated magic, clean comedy, mentalism, pickpocket, high energy, music, and most importantly a male assistant and lots of audience participation will keep everybody engaged and entertained, making your next Jewish celebration not only fun but also memorable.

Matias brings everything for the show and his set up is so smooth that you won’t even notice he is there! He simply sets-up 30-60 min before the show and then he is ready to provide a fun and interactive experience for your guests.

You don’t have to worry about a female assistant, as Matias had created a special illusion show with a male assistant!

One of the most talked about tricks is Matias’ Wine Multiplication. Matias will make 8 bottles of wine magically appear! Many people scream with excitement while other will say “WOW”. This is great because it creates a lot of excitement for your guests. To see this trick in action, press play on the video below:

Matias is not just another typical American magician

Matias’ charming accent along with his talent and unique charisma will delight your guests from the first moment they meet him. He knows they are the important ones; he is familiar with the Jewish traditions and will treat everybody in a friendly and respectful way. You’ll probably hear your guests talking about how wonderful he is.

In addition, he is familiar with the Jewish traditions and he knows and respect them (no touching in case of woman, use of a male for assistant instead, etc.)

Are you ready to learn Matias’ secret about

why he is five times more fun than any other entertainer?



Matias presents his magic in a fun and entertaining way that will keep everybody smiling from the moment they start watching the show!



Matias knows how to make people laugh. Indeed his clean comedy keeps them laughing without using foul language, or making references to sexual, homophobic or racial jokes. We guarantee Matias’ show is completely clean, and he makes everybody feel comfortable.


Matias makes everybody part of the action. He knows it’s all about them. And he makes them feel included by using interactive illusions and many audience participation.



Matias’ charming accent, along with his talents keeps everybody engaged and entertained, making your event a complete success!

Check out the photos of actual shows

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Matias, this is exactly what I’m looking for my Upcoming event!

How much is it?

Stage Illusion Show With Assistant 

This is a professional show that will turn your Jewish celebration into a fun and memorable night! You’ll see Matias perform his world-class illusions with his male assistant Josh (he is Jewish!). He will keep everybody adults engaged and entertained with his clean comedy and interactive magic. And will include some custom tricks specially created for your event. And we guarantee everybody will talk about it for years to come!

  • Deluxe Show 90 Min……………..$1,990
  • Premium Show 60 Min………….$1,690
  • Gold Show 45 Min…………………$1,490
  • Silver Show 30 Min……………….$1,290

* Block Booking discounts available!

One-Man Stage Show

This is a one man show (no assistant) that is better for small events or when you are working on a budget. No need to have a proper stage and it can be accommodated to small venues. The Show includes some great illusions and lots of audience interactions.

  • Premium Show 60 Min…………..$ 1,290
  • Gold Show 45 Min…………………..$ 890
  • Basic Show 30 Min…………………..$ 690

* Unfortunately none of our Jewish clients have let us filmed their events so these are just sample videos from othr shows.

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