, Let Us Introduce You To:

Matias Letelier & Joel Acevedo
The Hottest Illusionists, Magicians and Mentalist
for Private and Corporate Events in Boston!

We Guarantee Their Charming Accent Along With Their Unique Blend Of Top-Notch Magic, Mentalism, Clean Comedy, Pick Pocketing, High Energy, And Lots Of Audience Participation Will Make Your Next Corporate Event Fun, Amazing and Memorable, Or You’ll Get The Show FREE And We’ll Donate $100 To Your Favorite Charity Just For Wasting Your Time!

If these companies can trust Fun Corporate Magic to make their events amazing, so can you!

Volkswagen Group

Hear what people say about Matias and Joel’s shows!

Matias was hired to assist with my bourbon brand’s launch party which had a 1920’s theme. He roamed the party and connected with guests while they mingled and tasted the bourbon. Everyone had a blast and really enjoyed his sleight of hand tricks. He also introduced the new bourbon to the crowd with a bit of shock and awe. He’s great and I highly recommend him.”

Andrew Quinzi

Account Executive, Colangelo PR

“Matias was so good! Everybody loved him and we can’t wait to bring him back!”

Karen Doronila

Program Manager, Amazon

“The show was absolutely amazing from beginning to end. Matias did an awesome job and made the whole night very memorable. This Holiday party was one of our favorites. We super appreciate the level of profession and can’t wait to do it all again 🙂.”

Keelan Walker

Global Financial Credit, LLC

“Customers and clients really gave great feedback on Matias. He was engaging, funny, and gave wow moments to his audience. Will highly recommend him for corporate events and will use him in any of my upcoming future corporate events. Good job Matias!”

Jackie Foulks

Senior Meeting Manager, American Express

“Matias entertained us at a work party on Friday. He was fantastic! He’s been the topic of conversation at work today. Our colleagues who didn’t go to the party missed a great time. I would recommend him for your next gathering large or small!”

Heather Brenna

Clinical Coordinator, Hasbro Children Hospital

“Thank you, Matias! Looks like everyone enjoyed you very much! I did get a lot of good responses from everyone! Thank you! We will definitely work with you again for future events!”

Marko Duffy

President, Marathon Sales

Who are Matias & Joel?

Thank you for your interest in having Matias or Joel at your . We call him the Party Entertainment Specialists because they know how to delight your guests with their magic and charisma! Many times throughout the year Matias & Joel help make corporate and private events, such as yours, fun, entertaining and exciting. Wether is close-up walk around magic and mentalism, or an interactive stage show, they will have your guests laughing, entertained, amused and amazed in a highly interactive show. Just imagine your guests’ faces when they read their minds, perform astonishing illusions, make a table float in the air, turn five $1 bills into $500, and all while pickpocketing their watches and phones!

we know how stressful it can be to plan your . You want your guests to have a fun and memorable event…..right?

What Really Makes A Special Event Unforgettable?

We believe that a good quality show that keeps your guests engaged and entertained is the most important factor to making your fun and memorable. But there are so many options to choose from and everybody will tell you they are “the best”. Do you hire this person or another? It’s frustrating to try and figure out who will please everyone, isn’t it?




Matias and Joel offer you a show that will bring high energy, hysterical laughing and magic to your event. The stage show is self-contained so you don’t have to worry about anything. They set-up before the party begins and provide a fun, interactive and exciting experience for your guests. Or, if you would prefer, their close-up magic doesn’t require a big stage setting. They simply mingle throughout the party providing a fun, interactive, up-close experience for your guests.  

Just watch the videos below and you’ll get an idea of their energy, charisma and personality!

Matias, this is exactly what I'm looking for! How much is it?


This is a professional show that will turn your event into a fun and memorable night! You’ll see Matias perform his world-class illusions with his assistant Coni. He will keep your guests engaged and entertained with his clean comedy and interactive magic. And will include your company’s name or products in some custom tricks specially created for your event. Plus, Matias will pick-pocket some of your guest’s watches, wallets, cellphones and more. Also 4 of your guests will float in mid-air in a trick that will have the whole audience hysterically laughing. And we guarantee everybody will talk about it for years to come!


  • Matias Stage Show 60 Min email us for prices
  • Matias Stage Show 45 Min
  • Matias Stage Show 30 Min

* Show includes professional sound system. Screens and lights are separate. 

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These Are The Types Of Memories Your Guests Will Be Talking The Day After The Party For Years To Come!


This is a one man show (no assistant) that is better for small events or private parties at a restaurant. No need to have a proper stage and it can be accommodated to small and large venues. The Show includes some great illusions and lots of audience interactions. Matias will also performs tricks especially created for your by using your company’s brand name, logo, or products.


  • Matias One-Man Show 60 Min email us for pricing
  • Matias One-Man Show 45 Min
  • Matias One-Man Show 30 Min

* Show includes professional sound system.



  • Joel One-Man Show 60 Min email us for pricing
  • Joel One-Man Show 45 Min
  • Joel One-Man Show 30 Min

* Show includes professional sound system.

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This is a one-man parlor show that is better for small events. This is perfect for intimate dinners or events, and it can be adjusted to fit small and large venues. The show includes a series of card tricks the way it used to be performed at the end of the 19th century, where a prestidigitator would be invited to entertain the guests with elegant and classic sleights of hands. Matias or Joel will also perform tricks specially created for the event by using the name of the guest of honor or company. All of this, along with the finest mentalism and smoothest pickpocketing, will leave everybody laughing and amazed.


    • Matias Parlor Show 60 Min email us for pricing
    • Joel Parlor Show 60 Min

    * Show doesn’t include sound system. For an extra $$990 we can bring a professional sound system.

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    This is where Matias and Joel mix and mingle with your guests performing short five to ten minutes sets that include top-notch magic, clean comedy, mentalism and pick pocketing. Everybody will be involved with the magic happening right in their hands. Just imagine your guests’ faces when they read their minds, turn five $1 bills into $500 or pickpocket their watches, wallets, glasses and more!


    • Matias Full Event + Custom Tricks + iPad Magic Contact us for a quote

      Matias will be there for the full event (up to 3 hours) and will customize the tricks around your company, products or the guest of honor. Plus he will give a special trick (that he will pull-off the iPad) that will be customize for your event.

    • Matias Full event + iPad Magic

      Matias will be there for up to 3 hours. The main difference with the previous program is that Matias won’t include the trick customization and trick souvenirs.

    • Matias Up to 2 hours

      Matias will be there for up to 2 hours. This is good for group of up to 100 guests.

    • Matias’ Trick Customization

      We will create custom tricks for your event by using your company’s name, brand, logo, products and/or the guest of honor.

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    • Joel Full Event Contact us for a quote

      Joel will be there for the full event (up to 3 hours).

    • Joel Up to 2 hours:
    • Joel Trick Customization:

      We will create custom tricks for your event by using your company’s name, brand, logo, products and/or the guest of honor.

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    This unique show brings wine and magic closer to the audience in which they will actively participate. Some of Matias’ tricks include his awarded floating table, money tricks, wine bottles multiplication, giving out the name of the wine someone is thinking off and many more surprises as in the video below. This show is perfect for groups up to 40 guests.
    Prices range from $300-$600 per person depending on the menu and amount of people. Email us for a proper quote according to your group size.


    • Matias 1 Hour Close-up Magic + 45 Stage Show: email us for pricing
      This is perfect for large events with entertainment during the reception and a show after dinner. Show includes scenography, professional sound system and music.
    • Matias 1 Hour Close-up Magic + 30 Min Stage Show:
      This is perfect for large events with entertainment during the reception and a show after dinner. Show includes scenography, professional sound system, music and assistant.
    • Matias 1 Hour Close-up Magic + 30 Min One-Man Show with illusions:
      This is perfect for large events with entertainment during the reception and a show after dinner. Show includes scenography, professional sound system and music.
    • Joel 1 Hour Close-up Magic + 30 Min One-Man Show:
      This is perfect for large events with entertainment during the reception and a show after dinner. Show includes professional sound system and music.

    * We can also create another package for your event based on your specific needs.

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    This is where Matias will make you magically appear creating a powerful and exciting entrance that will have all of your guests talking about it for years to come.

    Here are some of the options:

    • Appear from a Floating Box $1,500
    • Appear from a Fire Cage $1,500
    • Appear from a Fire Box or Blammo $1,000
    • Appear from a Magic Box $1,000
    • Appear from a Magic Curtain $1,000
    • Basic appearance $750
    • Custom Productions: tell us your idea and we will try to make it happen.


    1. CUSTOMIZED DECK $10/deck (min order 100 decks)

    Every attendant will receive a set of playing cards customized with your logo and a marketing message or your product’s key points.

    2. THE WIZARD’S DECK $15/deck (min order 100 decks)

    Every attendant will receive a set of playing cards customized with your logo and a marketing message or your product’s key points, along with the instructions of 4 magic tricks. Then every time they play with it, they will be showing your company’s name and logo to their peers at work, friends and family. You will gain tremendous exposure, and we will do everything for you.

    3. ICE BREAKERS $10/set of 10 (min order 20 sets)

    Imagine every guest at the table receives the instructions of a trick to do at the table. This is a great way of starting the conversations. Every trick can be done with elements found at the table and we guarantee your guests will get a kick out of it. We have 40 different tricks. Some of them includes making a roll float, changing a spoon for a fork, making a glass of water disappear, etc.

    4. MAGIC TRICK $10/each (min order 50 sets)

    Every guests will receive a small trick that will be customized with your logo or brand.

    5. MAGIC SET $15/each (min order 50 sets)

    Every guests will receive a small box, customized with your logo, with 5 tricks. There are easy to do and will be customized with your logo or brand.

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