Are you ready to take the challenge and make this airplane land?

Hi, my name is Matias Letelier and I’m one of the entertainers at the Intrepid Museum.

I hope you enjoy the following trick!


Mind Reading Trick

The Effect:

A plane needs to land on the Intrepid. The problem? They need a secret code. Your mission? To find out that number.

Have one of your friends be the tower of control and think of a number between 1 and 30. When they have decided on a number, tell them they need to tell you which circles  contains their number. You are immediately able to name the selected number.

The Secret:

This is a very easy trick to perform once you know the secret. You simply add up the middle number of each circle they touch.  For example, if the selected number is 7, the spectator will touch the top two circles and the middle circle. The center numbers of these circles are 1, 2, and 4 which equals 7. This will work for any number selected.

Performance Tip:

Start by pointing the top left corner circle. If they say their number is there, add 1 in your mind. Then go to the top right corner circle (number #2). If they say it’s not there, keep moving with the center circle (number #4). Let’s say they say it’s not there. Look a little confused, as if you were expecting the number to be there. This is a great technique that allows you to pretend you are getting inside their mind. Then continue with the bottom left (number #8). They said no? No worries, continue with the bottom right circle (number #16). They say yes, it is there. Then in your mind you add 1 + 16 = 17! you tell them 17 is their number and they go nuts! See how fast it is? This way, you can add the center number on your mind and reveal their number as soon as they tell you where their number is in that circle or not. 

Are you ready to give it a try?