Tuesday February 9th at 12pm EST 

From live to virtual,

and how I became a virtual TV host*

*Or at least that’s what my friend, who is a TV news anchor says!

Before the pandemic I was performing live shows all around the world.

Then the pandemic came and just like many of you I found myself with the difficult question:
For me, this was just the beginning of a very unforeseen successful story.

I was lucky enough to have jumped on the “virtual train” early in March (thanks to my wife!). But as many of you I had no clue on how to produce a virtual show. So I watched thousands of hours of tutorials, and read hundreds of manuals on cameras, live streaming platforms, sound, equipment, etc., and spent thousands of dollars on things I thought I needed but didn’t. I have to tell you, I learned A LOT!

Overall, I went on a virtual rollercoaster with some good and positive experiences. Yes, I did almost everything and tried everything, you name it! But I threw away those bad lemons and now I’m enjoying my sweet lemonade!

And now I’m ready to share that so you get from 0 to 100 in NO TIME WITH NO EFFORT AND NOT PAYING A FORTUNE FOR THINGS YOU DON’T NEED.

With hundreds of virtual performances, I have perfected my virtual show and now it’s time to help you achieve the same.


*Yeah, I just renewed my set (will post a video shortly!) and my show has gone to a new level!

Here is the proof
Virtual Magic Show Reel 2021

I hope this get you as excited as I am, and join me on this FREE WEBINAR!

If these companies can trust New York Illusionist & Mentalist Matias Letelier to make their events amazing, so can you!

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You don't need to be tech savvy to succeed!

What you will learn on the FREE lecture on Feb 9th at 12pm EST

  • From live to Virtual mindset.
  • How to overcome initial fears.
  • First problems you might find.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Training mode on.
  • Reset, repetition, and how to make your set-up easier and faster.
  • Show simplification.
  • Useful software and hardware.Fixes and improvements (tricks/hotkeys and show in general, lights, camera, action).
  • From virtual show to TV producer!
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