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Zoom Party Ideas and Virtual Entertainment for Corporate Events

In moments like this with the COVID preventing you from having live performances, we have created a unique virtual solution to make your online meetings and virtual happy hours fun, exciting and memorable, and keep your employees and teams entertained and with much needed good and positive vibes!

We can present our virtual magic show in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and any other livestream platform, so you can relax and experience this from your office or home, without having to worry about human contact, and share this unique virtual magic experience with your company, friends, clients, employees and the people you love.

With hundreds of virtual performances, we have perfected our virtual show and guarantee everyone is going to have a great time, and we will make your upcoming virtual event fun, exciting, and memorable!

Watch the video below to learn more about our fantastic virtual show, and check our availability to reserve your spot now!

Fun Corporate Magic Virtual Magic Show

If these companies can trust Illusionist & Mentalist Matias Letelier to make their events amazing, so can you!

Red Bull Energy Drink
Volkswagen Group

These are actual virtual testimonials from guests who experienced Matias' Virtual Magic Show

Sarah A. Virtual Magic Show Testimonial
Katelyn A. Virtual Magic Show Testimonial
Paula M. Virtual Magic Show Testimonial
Paula M. Virtual Magic Show Testimonial

"Our company organised an online magic show with Matias, while we were all in lockdown due to Covid19.   It was so much fun.   Watching from home, with my 22 year old son, we were wowed out with tricks that were exciting and we are still wondering about today!  So clever!  Thank you for brightening up our day!  And good on you for adapting so you can still run your business over Zoom!!  Thank you!"

Sue Shape

Global Client Communication Manager, Bain & Company

"Everyone LOVED it - thank you so much!"

Rachel Goodman

Beauty Partnerships Lead, Pinterest

"Excellent virtual magic show. Funny, entertaining. He is a very good magician and had me scratching my head at some of the tricks. Highly recommended"

Ken Shallow

Owner, KJS Mechanical

Matias brings you a unique virtual magic experience

Matias created a unique magical experience for virtual events

* His show was specially designed to be live streamed and to bring your team and families together, boost their energy and lift their spirit.

* Matias will keep your guests engaged & entertained with lot of interactions, where Matias will call them by name to participate in the tricks and illusions, making this a fun, exciting, and memorable experience.

* He will customize the tricks for you and your team and will include your company’s name, products, services and/or message.

* Everyone will have a great time, and will actively participate from home. Yes, it is highly interactive!

* Your group will be laughing, and amazed while they watch the show next to their love ones without having to worry about the pandemic.

* And most importantly, MATIAS WILL MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD!

Virtual Magic Show - Balloon Antena
Virtual Magic Show - Card Trick

More testimonials from all over the world!

Jon K. Virtual Magic Show Testimonial
Claudia R Virtual Magic Show Testimonial
Laura Z. Virtual Magic Show Testimonial
Laura Z. Virtual Magic Show Testimonial
Jen S. Virtual Magic Show Testimonial

Matias, this is exactly what I'm looking for! How does it work?


Here are some virtual experiences and zoom meeting ideas to help you make your virtual meetings more enjoyable, while keeping everyone engaged, and entertained

Clients & Customer’s Appreciation

Bring a fun and interactive program to your clients, customers, or prospects. Illusionist Matias will amaze them with some customized tricks that will incorporate your company’s name, products, services and message, making this a great branding tool that they can experience from their home with their families and love ones.

You’ll get all the credits from bringing such a fun and exciting experience in this much needed times!

Virtual Magic Show - Heart Trick

Boost Your Team’s Energy

We are all going through a lot lately. While your teams are experiencing physical distancing, you can still show your appreciation and bring them together. Matias will make them laugh and work as a team, boosting their energy and morale. Plus Matias will include some customized tricks with your company’s name.

Virtual Magic Show - I Can See you
Presentation Skills Master Class

What if you can give your team some tools so they can improve their performance and become better presenters?

What is a G.R.E.A.T. Presentation?

In this workshop Matias talks about the 5 pillars of a great communicator/speaker which are:
– GRAB your audience attention
– REHEARSE your Presentation
– ENTERTAIN your audience
– ADAPT your presentation to any setting
– TOUCH your audience (emotionally)

Virtual Magic Show - Balloon Antena

Virtual Brand Awareness

Matias can fully customized a virtual show for your clients and their families. In this show your clients and prospects will experience your brand in a fun, exciting and memorable way. Matias will combine his tricks and illusions with custom messages to bring joy and much needed positive energy to your clients and their families, helping strengthen their relationship with you, specially during this time when we need to be socially connected in the virtual world.

Virtual Magic Show - Heart Trick

Spread the magic with their families

Bring the magic with a fully customized virtual show for your clients, employees and their families. We know many are working from home, and they probably have their families around them. Why not have all the people you love and care for join together in a fun show that will lift up their spirit? Let’s spread the love and bring them together for a wonderful time of joy and astonishment.

Video show 2


  • For the Virtual Magic show we can use ZOOM/Google Hangouts/Microsoft Teams.
  • This allows you to watch live (real time) the show.
  • The show is highly interactive and you will be part of many tricks and illusions. So be ready!
  • Even though we can host up to 100 connections at a time, the show works better for groups of up to 40 guests. This is to make sure everyone is involved in the show.
If you are watching this at home or in an office space, we recommend to plug your computer to a big screen or TV so you can have a better experience.
A good internet/WiFi connection is the most important. However, we strongly recommend have your computer connected to your modem/router through an ethernet cord. This will make the connection more stable.
Make sure you have a computer with a camera attached to it so Matias and Alexandria can see and interact with you. Most laptops come with an internal camera. You can also use your phone as an external camera.

For Zoom users, here is an article that shows you how:

Make sure you have your mic connected (internal or external) because you will actively participate in the show. A headset with a mic might be prefer if you have access to one.

Who is Illusionist & Mentalist Matias Letelier?

Matias Letelier is a Chilean-American illusionist and mentalist, founder of Fun Corporate Magic. With over 22 years of experience, Matias’ unique blend of top-notch magic, mentalism, and pickpocketing, has helped him become one of New York’s favorite entertainers for small and large events.

Even though he lives in New York, Matias constantly travels around the world to perform at corporate & private events, trade shows, colleges, along with his residency at the famous McKittrick Hotel in NY where he performs his show Speakeasy Magick five times a week.

With performances for AMAZON, Red Bull, HP, J.P.Morgan, SONY, Volkswagen, Heineken, IBM, BMW, Veuve Clicquot, Amex, Deloitte and AT&T to name a few, Matias’ charming accent and exceptional talent have delighted thousands of people across the USA.

In his virtual show, Matias mixes comedy and magic that will have everybody laughing, entertained, amused, and amazed. His performances include active audience participation, stage illusions, and mind reading demonstrations.

Virtual Magic Show - Mental Prediction
Virtual Magic Show - Card Trick

These are actual testimonial from guests who experienced Matias' Virtual Magic Show

I love it! It is so entertaining and illusionist Matias is very very nice and I like that the quality was great and it wasn’t glitchy or anything. I like that it was long enough and got us all excited!!!"

Brianna Contreras

Ossining Event

Max A. Virtual Magic Show Testimonial
Quentin E. Virtual Magic Show Testimonial
Nancy A. Virtual Magic Show Testimonial
Katie C. Virtual Magic Show Testimonial
Let us help you make your virtual happy hour or online event fun, exciting, and memorable with a performance that will have everybody buzzing about it while you get the credit!

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