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I hired Matias to provide roaming magic to guests at our annual corporate conference's final night bash. This is a hard group to impress as they have seen it all! But he wowed them with his magic and charm! I would definitely work with Fun Corporate Magic and Matias again and highly recommend them!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the wonderful review. Matias had a great time entertaining your guests and we are so happy to hear everyone enjoyed his presentation. We look forward to working with you again 🙂
Matias is as charming as he is talented. He was an absolute hit at my birthday party, entertaining my guests into a delightful uproar and leaving us all wanting more!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the wonderful review. Matias had a great time with you and your guests and we are happy to hear they enjoyed his talents and charming accent too 🙂
Recently my wife and I were fortunate enough to attend an event in New York that featured Matias and Fun Corporate Magic. It was a wonderful performance - magic tricks that defied explanation, coupled with humor, entertainment, and charm. And yes, my wife joined most of the ladies present in admiring Matias' charming accent, brilliant good looks, and personal elan. This is a family friendly event that will appeal to people of all ages. I strongly recommend it.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the wonderful review!
I tended one of Matias’ fantastic shows on Sunday afternoon. The audience was complete entranced. We had a great time.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Mary Jane!
Matias was truly incredible and we all were amazed by his professionalism and talent. It was truly a pleasure dealing with him and would highly recommend Fun Corporate Magic.
Response from the owner: Thank you Jimmy! It's always a pleasure working with you and we are happy everyone enjoyed Matias' performance
Enjoyable show, easy going presentation, some definite surprises. Even funny.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much!
The show was fantastic!! It was extremely entertaining and engaging. Matias’ performance skills were fabulous and the show was fun, captivating and exciting. Matias interacted with all ages and it was greatly enjoyed by all. AND I somehow assisted in making a table dance through the air!! It was magical!!
Response from the owner: Thank you Donna! We are happy you enjoyed the show and got to do some magic with Matias on stage 🙂
great entertainment. Matias is funny and elegant at the same time and truly amazing! Can't wait to see him again.
Response from the owner: Thank you Dean!
Everyone in our family likes magic and Matias Letelier is a great magician as well as an excellent Mentalist and a very funny comedian. He is attractive and effectively involved the audience in his performance. We would happily go to see him again.
Response from the owner: Thank you Carolyn!
The staunchest of skeptics will be won over! We're still trying to figure out how he did it.... ALL of it! SO much fun!
Response from the owner: Thank you Robyn!
Response from the owner: Thank you!
We loved the performance by Matias Letelier at South Salem Presbyterian Church on March 3. It was fun and completely engaging! Everyone in my group agreed.
Response from the owner: Thank you Lisa! He had a great time performing for your group!
I used Fun Corporate Magic for entertainment at my company's holiday party and everything was GREAT! working with Cecilia was amazing, she was extremely accommodating and responsive. She provided many options within my budget that were all perfect for the theme. All of the onsite entertainers were very professional and engaging. Everyone loved the costumes and energy of the dancers and the Matias was AMAZING! My execs really loved the magic show interactions. Thanks again!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Kishona! We enjoyed working with you and helping you make your company’s event fun and memorable!
Response from the owner: Thank you!
Matias is awesome!Highly recommend him.Can not say enough about his talent, personality and professionalism.Always enjoyable and partygoers look forward to seeing him!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Rachel! It is always a pleasure performing for you, your family and friends. I love how everyone is so welcoming and always smiling (while trying to hide their watches! LOL). Have a wonderful end of the year and Happy Holidays! Magically yours, Matias
Mattias puts on a terrific show! He's especially impressive with the way he adapts on the fly and customizes his program for the audience. His virtual show is high quality in terms of technology and a terrific value for what he charges. I highly recommend working with him.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much! It was a pleasure 🙂
I work for a Fortune 500 company and I hired Matias to do a social e-connected virtual magic show for a corporate team event of almost 200 guests. Matias has a wonderful personality, is professional and fun and the feedback from our group was overwhelmingly positive and everyone was truly amazed! I love how he was able to personalize our show by using our company logo and added very specific shout outs for our group that made it feel more tailored for a more connected experience. It also wasn't only watching him do tricks-he did several interactive tricks that everyone could participate in from home. He provided me with multiple contact methods and personally kept in touch with me. If I had any questions or concerns, he responded immediately and his assistant, Mikayla, was always available as well. He made me feel very at ease and his logistics were very easy to manage and made set up so easy! Highly recommend and sharing with my peers for future event ideas! Thank you Matias and Mikayla! I am sure I will be calling on you again in the future!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your nice review and testimonial 🙂
I am responsible for our annual company holiday party and this year it included Matias Leterlier. We had him for a one hour stroll during the cocktail hour. With 150 employees, I wanted to be certain they were entertained and from the comments I would certainly say they were! President is not the easiest man to please and when I informed him I was asked to write a review, he told me "Please do, he was wonderful.!"
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Stacy! It was an absolute pleasure. Glad your boss was happy. Everyone was really nice, including your boss 🙂
The entire team and Rachel Wax particularly did a fantastic job at my party. Incredibly engaging to the entire dinner party audience. The perfect option to add something different to your party. They were also all very responsive in the lead up and flexible in designing a program that worked for our event/group.
Response from the owner: Thank you Daniel for your nice words!It was a pleasure working with you and we heard Rachel had a great time! Thank you again for having us.Magically yours,Fun Corporate Magic Team
Response from the owner: 😊
"Our family and friends were thrilled. Jack got to invite his whole class and their siblings. Everyone left with a smile and some beautiful new magical activities."
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Jessica! We are so happy Jack had a great party 🙂
Matias is a very talented entertainer and we had a really fun time at our company's virtual holiday party. If you want to have a laugh and learn a few good magic tricks, I definitively recommend!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Hugo!
Matias was AMAZING! We had him do a 30-minute show for our virtual company Holiday Party! He brought lots of energy and made it extremely interactive, exactly what we wanted! All of our employees had a blast! This was a great decision and we would bring Matias back for a future event! 10/10 performance!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Toviah! It was a pleasure 🙂
I am an event planner and struggled this year as we had to adapt to changing all our annual events to online formats. The Corporate Holiday party for a prestigious Insurance company was proving to be seemingly difficult. How could I manage to find engaging, interactive entertainment virtually for 400 associates ranging from 18-65 years of age, CEO’s and AVP’s included?Well I can tell you. There was some pushback when I put in the bid, suggesting a Magician to join us in our WebEx call, but Matias won everyone over. If you are skeptical in the slightest, just join one of his free demos!Matias is excellent at reading the crowd, quickly adjusting to technical glitches and providing a seamless, fun and engaging event. Never have we received so many post event compliments! Fun Corporate Magic saved the day and I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone.Thank you, Matias and Marlana!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Tessa! It was an absolutely pleasure working with the 3 groups 🙂 Happy New Year!
Response from the owner: Thank you!
Response from the owner: Thank you!
Response from the owner: 😊
This was such a fun show! Matias (the Illusionist) is very likable, fun and entertaining. Wonderful for children of all ages! Highly recommend =]
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Juan! It was a pleasure
Response from the owner: 😊
Matias was able to help us host a fun virtual year end celebration. It was a pleasure working with him. He was very responsive through out the process.
Response from the owner: Thank you Aashish! It was a pleasure working with you and your group. Happy holidays!
Recently came to our company (virtually) and was a big hit! Hope to have him again (in person) when we're back in office!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Greg! It was a pleasure sharing my magic with all of you! Happy Holidays
Very fun show over the web.
Response from the owner: Glad you like it Matt!
We've had Matias do a show at one of our online office meetings and he was so friendly with everyone, as if he already knew us from before, and as if we were actually coworkers.He gives a very good vibe and he's so energetic. The magic tricks were really interesting and I am glad I had the chance to virtually attend one of his shows. Would definitely attend again, as I am sure he has so much more to offer.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much!
Matias was awsome from beginning to end! Well worth the time and money!! We will be using him again!!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Mallori 🙂 It was a pleasure!
Matias was amazing! He helped us kick off our company's virtual Spirit Week and he left everyone with a smile! He did a great job of involving the audience and keeping everyone on their toes for the next trick! Highly recommended!
Response from the owner: Thank you Leighanne! It was a pleasure 🙂
We participated in a virtual magic show and had a great time. My two daughters, ages 12 and 14, had a lot of fun and were amazed by the tricks. They also learned their own tricks, which they have been showing to others. Would definitely recommend.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Thomas!
Matias incorporated our groups' traits into the performance!! The show was very interactive even though it was a virtual magic show. It was a great social connection during pandemic time.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much. It was a pleasure 🙂
Fun Corporate Magic were wonderful to work with! They provided a great experience with the virtual magic show, everyone had a fun time!! Thank you!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for having us! We look forward to working with you again.
I truly enjoyed the virtual magic show, it was so much fun. The card trick which I did in my office was awesome, I'm not sure who he did it. Also he did something at the end where he creates bottles of wine! I need to invite him over for a dinner party. Thank you for a fun event.
Response from the owner: Thank you Patrick! Count me in 😊 🥂
Very entertaining and fun!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Karen 😊
Matias is hilarious and was also able to provide a memorable magical experience through the pandemic. His show is crafty, full of laughs, and really provides an interactive experience.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Harsh! It was a pleasure sharing my magic with all of you!
Matias was incredible! The show was terrific and really helped take my friend's long distance birthday party to the next level. Everyone was entertained and bedazzled by the performance. Matias was thoughtful and patient through any technical issues and very accomodating to our needs. We especially enjoyed the personalized tricks and audience. participation. I have already, and will continue to recommend Matias to all of my friends seeking pandemic-friendly entertainment! Thanks again!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Peter! That was a fun show 🙂
“Matias is amazing! I just had the opportunity to hire him for my Birthday Party, he was on time, organized and very professional. He was very easy to reach, talk and coordinate before the event. He is a very sweet person too! My friends and I had a blast at the party, I definitely recommend him for a show. Thanks Matias!”
Sofia Jaimes

Birthday Party

I hosted a surprise party for my wife recently, which included a private show by Matias in midtown. He was indeed organized, entertaining, very talented, and provided a really wonderful experience for all that attended. Simply a great night! My wife, my guests, and I were pleased with his performance. He is also simply a very nice guy and I would certainly recommend him. Thank you again Matias and hope to see you in the future”

Marty S.

Wife's Surprise Birthday Party

Matias was hired to assist with my bourbon brand’s launch party which had a 1920’s theme. He roamed the party and connected with guests while they mingled and tasted the bourbon. Everyone had a blast and really enjoyed his sleight of hand tricks. He also introduced the new bourbon to the crowd with a bit of shock and awe. He’s great and I highly recommend him.”

Andrew Quinzi

Peerless Bourbon Product Activation, Colangelo PR

Matias was an amazing addition to our event. He integrated our products & organization into his work seamlessly. Some people actually thought he was an employee! Definitely one of the most personable entertainers I’ve ever worked with. Would hire again in a heartbeat!

Angela Volk

Trade show, AVer

Matias is amazing!!!  His talent is over-the-top.  Seriously, no one had any clue how he was able to do all the tricks he performed.  He worked the room continually.  Everyone around him was smiling, yet baffled and speechless.  What a charismatic, fun and very professional entertainer!  We look forward to working with him again and also referring him to our friends and colleagues, without hesitation.

Annette Koberlein

60th Birthday Party, New York, NY

“Matias came to a private birthday event I held in South Hampton. He was so amazing. I hired him as a mentalist and he was a big highlight as entertainment. You will not only be entertained, but will spend the next day trying to understand how he does everything! thank you matias!!”

Myka Meier

Birthday Party, South Hampton, NY

“Mathias not only BLOWS your mind, but he can READ your mind!!! And as much as his magic will wow you, he is great for any party! Mathias is very engaging, fun and professional. THE REAL DEAL!!!”

Jackie Reynolds

Birthday Party, South Hampton, NY

“Matias is a brilliant magician, and personality. I’d highly recommend him for corporate events & private parties if you’re looking for a unique way to get people excited together. A++ experience.”

Jeff P. Wibben

Founder & CEO, Golf Pro Delivered

“I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Matias was witty and clever when performing his illusions. My favorite part had to be the phone/ email trick. I’m still scratching my head about it. I would definitely recommend him. Thanks again , Matias.”

Iris Torres

Executive Assistant, Gastroenterology at Montefiore

Matias was awesome. He spent time at every table at my client appreciation event and then ended with a final trick in front of the group that was tailored to my business. Very cool!! We had a wide range of ages at the event and Matias was very good with all of them, especially the young kids. I will be hiring Matias again and again.”

Kirk Devereux

President, Devereux Insurance Agency

“We booked Matias for a corporate event. He presented and excellent act: entertaining and clever. Our clients enjoyed the performance and his charming personality. We would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional, high level and at the same time fun performance for a corporate setting.”
Cristina Illa

President, MdTgroup - Volkswagen Event

“Matias was fantastic! We hired him for a work event, everyone had an absolutely amazing time. He was funny, charismatic and extremely impressive.”
Diana DeVito

Ecommerce Manager, Aetrex

What a wonderful show! Matias is the real deal! I love magic and I have been to several high level
magic shows in Las Vegas, New York, Boston and Los Angeles, and Matias brought into our meeting the
same level of expertise but with a special element of personal, actually “touchable”, touch. Everything that
you see on the stage or the screen, happens right in front of your eyes and for many of your guests,
actually happened to them as he included multiple members of our meeting in his array of magic.

From start to end, all you could heard was “oohs and ahhs” interspersed with laughs and
merriment as he continually surprised everyone with his top-notch magic, illusions, mentalism, pick-
pocket and slight of hand. The show and his relationship with the audience were high level and

In closing, I would give my highest recommendation and highest level of support for anyone who
wishes to bring a professional, handsome young illusionist into their business meetings or corporate

Mark Doherty

Executive Director, Safety Net Solutions

“What a great show!! Everyone was amazed! Thank you Matias!”
Wykeima King-Walker

Executive Director, Elejmal Court

“Matias made my husband’s birthday memorable. He was super professional and exceeded all our expectations. Everyone loved him!!!! Could not stop talking about him. He’s funny, charming, engaging, and his art (tricks) left us all amazed. He made great accommodations for our group. If anyone is thinking of a great addition to a party, Matias is the right choice. I strongly recommend him!!! His politeness is a plus….. #inlovewithmatias”
Tatyana Palacios

Emma Klipstein, Five Star Review"All I can say is "incredible"! Matias was a delightful interloper during my husband's birthday party. He mingled among the guests and performed for small groups during the cocktail hour. His feats of magic and mentalism are amazing and beyond comprehension. I would highly recommend Matias, both for his amazing skills and for his charming and engaging personality."

- Sonia Gordonn
Private Show in New York, NY

Emma Klipstein, Five Star Review"Matias was great! Everyone was really impressed!"

- Emma Klipstein
Marketing Department - Free People Wholesale,
Corporate Show in New York, NY

Daniel Manopla, Five Star Review"MATIAS WAS INCREDIBLE!! extremely thorough and made our proposal day extremely special! Wouldn’t pick anyone else in the world. 12/10!!!"

- Daniel Manopla
Marriage Proposal in New York, NY

Maria Velissaris, Five Star Review"Matias was awesome! Everyone loves his magic and he’s so friendly and a pleasure to work with. High recommend to add a fun element to any party."

- Maria Velissaris
Adult Party in Hoboken, NY

Brenda Clark, Five Star Review"Everything was excellent and as described beforehand. This was a mystery event for our development and everyone there was well entertained. They have not stopped talking about it, and thanking me for arranging it. The best part was the amount of audience participation! We will definitely recommend Matais and hope to see another of his performances in the future."

- Brenda Clark
Corporate Show in Hudson, MA

Brandi Williams, Five Star Review"Thank you so much for your terrific show on Saturday!"

- Brandi Williams
Vice President - LA Fitness District,
Corporate Show in Trumbull, CT

Chaya Raskin, Five Star Review"Magician Matias was very pleasant to work with, the crowd enjoyed him. He wasn't looking at the clock the whole time, he was there in full for our party. "

- Chaya Raskin
Director - Chabad,
Corporate Show in Brattleboro, VT

Corey W., Five Star Review"Excellent performer! Matias' magic was fresh and impressive. His tongue-in-cheek humor throughout his performance made his act more accessible and fun for all. I would definitely recommend him for your event!"

- Corey W.
Cambridge Innovation Center,
Corporate Close-up Show in Cambridge, MA

Courtney Looney, Five Star Review"Great show! Everyone really loved it!"

- Courtney Looney
President - Alpha Chi Omega,
Corporate Close-up Show in Austin, TX

Ellen Brazil, Five Star Review"Matias, Thank you for such a wonderful time. Prattville employees are still saying how much fun it was. You really added so much to the magic of Christmas. Blessings upon blessings for your time and effort. "

- Ellen Brazil
Event Coordinator - Prattville Machine & Tool,
Corporate Show in Lynnfield, MA

Ellen Murphy, Five Star Review"Matias, thank you for helping us entertain our clients. Everybody enjoyed your show. Thank you for a great night!"

- Ellen Murphy
Marketing & Communications - Accenture LLP,
Corporate Close-up Show in Framingham, MA

Eric Noeth, Five Star Review"Absolutely terrific experience Matias did an excellent job entertaining our group. Everyone was thoroughly impressed by his performance and professionalism. It was a fun show and a great change of pace for us! "

- Eric Noeth
Harvard Business School,
Corporate Close-up Show in Cambridge, MA

Ginny Wheeler, Five Star Review"Matias was funny, entertaining and very appropriate for our corporate meeting. He surprised us with his talent! All the employees loved his show!!"

- Ginny Wheeler
Provider Relations Coordinator - Tallman Eye Associates,
Corporate Show in North Andover, MA

Heather Brennan, Five Star Review"Matias entertained us at a work party on Friday. He was fantastic! He's been the topic of conversation at work today. Our colleagues who didn't go to the party missed a great time. I would recommend him for your next gathering large or small!"

- Heather Brennan
Clinical Coordinator - Hasbro Children Hospital,
Corporate Close-up Show in Providence, RI

Hernan Fontaine, Five Star Review"It was a fantastic show!"

- Hernan Fontaine
President - Fontaine&CIA,
Corporate Show in Santiago, Chile

Jackie P. Foulks, Five Star Review"Customers and clients really gave great feedback on Matias. He was engaging, funny, and gave wow moments to his audience. Will highly recommend him for corporate events and will use him in any of my upcoming future corporate events. Good job Matias!"

- Jackie P. Foulks
Senior Meeting Manager - American Express,
Corporate Event in Charlotte, NC

Jen Kramer, Five Star Review"Matias is amazing! Magical, engaging, and a true professional. Whenever he performs, his passion, dedication and sense of humor shine through. He not only leaves kids and adults amazed through his performances (I?ve witnessed it again and again!), but he has also taken the time to mentor less experienced magicians through the Yale Magic Society... just one example of the kind, giving attitude that characterizes Matias Letelier! His magic is family friendly, full of comedy, and excellent overall ? I would recommend Matias 100% for your next event!"

- Jen Kramer
President of Yale Magic Society - Yale University,
Corporate Close-up Show in New Haven, CT

Jennylee Ramos, Five Star Review"Matias arrived on time, was extremely flexible and easily adapted to environment and mixed group of college students. Magic tricks were very mind baffling, Matias had the crowd of students in shock. Very great experience! Definitely recommend."

- Jennylee Ramos
Student Council - Temple University,
Corporate Close-up Show in Philadelphia, PA

Jerilyn Goldberg, Five Star Review"Fun! Thank you so much!"

- Jerilyn Goldberg
Event Coordinator - Moderna Therapeutics,
Corporate Show in Cambridge, MA

Joseph Titus, Five Star Review"The show is entertaining and full of laughs. In fact booked three shows already!"

- Joseph Titus
Director - Fellowship Place, inc,
Corporate Show in New Haven, CT

Josh Sandler, Five Star Review"Matias was very professional and IMPRESSIVE! His show blew many people away and he had quite a following- he really had the crowd going! The event was hosted by Harvard graduate students and a few of our classmates brought kids to the party. All ages remained very impressed with the performance and we look forward to working with Matias again in the future."

- Josh Sandler
Harvard Business School,
Corporate Close-up Show in Cambridge, MA

Joslin Gren, Five Star Review"Your performance at our Holiday Party was amazing! Everyone that attended had wonderful feedback and felt the magic performed was a great presentation. We had a really good time!"

- Joslin Gren
Manager - Grafton Street Restaurant,
Corporate Close-up Show in Cambridge, MA

Katelyn Andrews, Five Star Review"Matias was great! Very personable and was able to think "outside of the box" by putting balloon characters at the entrance of our building to attract people inside. Would definitely recommend! "

- Katelyn Andrews
Marketing Coordinator - Webster First Federal Credit Union,
Trade Show in Hopkinton, MA

Katherine Tapia D, Five Star Review"Excellent. Dynamics were appropriate for our group. We achieved the main objective of integration and participation. Everyone expressed it was a good show. Congratulations"

- Katherine Tapia D
Manager - Condor Bus Ltda,
Corporate Event in Santiago, Chile

Ketih Zallinger, Five Star Review"Can say enough great things about Matias! Matias is beyond talented as a magician, but that's only part of the experience. He's a class act (and I've seen many acts in various venues over the years), a pleasure to deal with, and people like him as soon as he walks into the room. To me, that's money well spent. Thank you, Matias!"

- Ketih Zallinger
Reader Of Minds,
Corporate Close-up Show in Shelton, CT

Kevin Hynes, Five Star Review"We LOVED him!"

- Kevin Hynes
President & CEO - Koso America, Inc.,
Corporate Show in Taunton, MA

Lilian Caperila, Five Star Review"We all enjoyed your marvelous talents and the productive efforts in helping us sell our great products. You are so much fun and I wish you could be here every day at the office so we can enjoy magic all the time. Thanks again for everything! It was a pleasure to work with you, meet you and enjoy your talents."

- Lilian Caperila
Manager - Premier USA,
Trade Show in Boston, MA

Lisa Carter, Five Star Review"He was great, professional and a pleasure to be around. Thanks "

- Lisa Carter
Director of HR - Flexion Therapeutics, Inc.,
Corporate Close-up Show in Boston, MA

Lisa Costanzo, Five Star Review"Matias was wonderful. Unfortunately our crowd started to clear out before he arrived (bad timing on our end- timing got messed up because of the Mayor's schedule) so some missed it- but those who did experience his magic were excited and engaged. it was a perfect addition to our event. "

- Lisa Costanzo
Director of HR - Boston Public Health Commission,
Corporate Close-up Show in Boston, MA

Lori Koch, Five Star Review"Matias was amazing! His ability to integrate his tricks with our offering was very important to us. He brought people into the booth so our sales reps could talk to them about our products. We even had competitors trying to hire him away from us! Hire him for Trade Shows, Hire him for Corporate Events...Just HIRE HIM!"

- Lori Koch
Marketing Coordinator - NWN IT,
Trade Show in Atlantic City, NJ

Maria Jose Salgo, Five Star Review"Matias, I wanted to thank you for the show on Friday, it was very good and people were extremely impressed with the tricks. Any other event that requires magic we won't hesitate to contact you and also recommend you."

- Maria Jose Salgo
CEO - Factoring Mercantil S.A.,
Corporate Show in Santiago, Chile

Marko Duffy, Five Star Review"Thank you, Matias! Looks like everyone enjoyed you very much! I did get a lot of good responses from everyone! Thank you! We will definitely work with you again for future events!"

- Marko Duffy
President - Marathon Sales,
Corporate Close-up Show in Boston, MA

Marko Duffy, Five Star Review"What do you get when you fill a room with highly technical people there to learn and be introduced to the latest developments and industry innovation and add Magician Matias? You get of course Magic! I hired Matias for a 2nd time to entertain at our Annual Conference and his brand of strolling magic entertained attendees in small groups and virtually everybody saw a small bit of his talent. The "Grand Finale" was audience participation and everybody thoroughly enjoyed the performance. The volunteers were wary at 1st but warmed up quickly and became a big part of the show. I would highly recommend hiring Magician Matias for any event, corporate or otherwise."

- Marko Duffy
President - Marathon Sales,
Trade Show in Marlborough, MA

Meghan Cox, Five Star Review"Thank you again for coming out for the Lead Awareness Picnic last month! You were a great success and everybody loved your show!"

- Meghan Cox
Corporate Show in West Haven, CT

Melissa Hurley, Five Star Review"Matias, thank you for a great show. I really enjoyed watching and hearing everybody laugh. It was very fun! Thank you so much for a great night!"

- Melissa Hurley
Marketing Manager - Dr. Sam A. Dental Office,
Corporate Show in Worcester, MA

Nancy Meyers, Five Star Review"Very engaging with the audience."

- Nancy Meyers
Marketing Manager - Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson,
Corporate Show in Raritan, NJ

Pat Pereira, Five Star Review"It was our pleasure to have you! Thank you again for such a great time and I wish you the very best on your continued performances!!"

- Pat Pereira
Event Coordinator - ,
Corporate Show in Cranston, RI

Patricia Mora, Five Star Review"I liked the show and yesterday we went out for a drink and everybody talked about your magic and were surprised trying to discover some of the magic tricks that amazed us, especially the photo trick"

- Patricia Mora
General Manager Assistant - Enable S.A.,
Corporate Close-up Show in Santiago, Chile

Ron Fishman, Five Star Review"Chelsea Square Apartments celebrates every year with a summer BBQ. We brought Magicial Matias back for a second time. The residents are mostly Latino. Old and young alike marvel at his magic. He is able to approach the most distant and bring them in. His mix of English and Spanish seals the deal! Highly recommended!"

- Ron Fishman
Trinity Management LLC,
Corporate Close-up Show in Boston, MA

Sayed Najem, Five Star Review"Matias, was a gift for my party. Wow, I was so happy. T. Y. My review is that every Party organizer, or party holder should totally get hold of Matias to bring him to their event. It was my honor to have him at mine. Thank You Matias, God bless"

- Sayed Najem
CEO -,
Corporate Close-up Show in Cranston, RI

Shauna Barbosa, Five Star Review"Thank you too!! Your performance was awesome!!"

- Shauna Barbosa
Harvard Medical School,
Corporate Event in Boston, MA

Tara Gumprecht, Five Star Review"Fun and worked the crowd well."

- Tara Gumprecht
Marketing Coordinator - Precision Computer Services,
Corporate Close-up Show in Shelton, CT

Tony Polito, Five Star Review"They really liked you a lot and we will definitely be using you again."

- Tony Polito
Director - General Electric USA,
Corporate Close-up Show in New York City, NY

Val Szondy, Five Star Review"He was great. This was a close up magic show and he mingled well with the crowd. Everyone has called asking for his card as they want him for their parties. He arrived early and stayed a little longer. I would highly recommend him."

- Val Szondy
Real State - REMAX,
Corporate Close-up Show in Shelton, CT

Aaron Fertig, Five Star Review"Matias is the consummate professional making certain that all are entertained. A fun show for all ages."

- Aaron Fertig
Marketing Director - Riverdale Heights,
Corporate Holiday Party in Riverdale, NY

Marissa Sperling, Five Star Review"Matias Letelier performed for my town's annual Halloween party. He performed tricks for children aged (approximately) 3-10 years old. He was wonderful with the children mixing humor and magic. His magic amazed the children and the parents as well. I would definitely recommend him!"

- Marissa Sperling
Board Member - Verona Junior Womens Club,
Corporate Holiday Party in Verona, NJ

Danielle Chevalier, Five Star Review"Super friendly and super talented. We had so much fun seeing him perform at BooFest! My kids were completely mesmorized. They LOVED him!"

- Danielle Chevalier
Board Member - Verona Junior Womens Club,
Corporate Holiday Party in Verona, NJ

Corisa Walker, Five Star Review"The Junior Women's Club of Verona hosted Matias for a Halloween event in Verona. He was amazing! He engaged the children, which varied widely in age, as well as the adults. Matias was fun, professional, and a great addition to the event. I would HIGHLY recommend him for any function. I think the adults were even more impressed than the kids! He went around the entire event and his tricks were so captivating that they would draw a crowd. Matias is a true professional and added a very special element to our event."

- Corisa Walker
Board Member - Verona Junior Womens Club,
Corporate Holiday Party in Verona, NJ

Benjamin Reynolds, Five Star Review"A pleasure to work with! I was hired to provide ambient circus entertainment at a corporate event, and the request was made to find a magician/balloon-twister. I found Matias, and he was never anything less than professional, talented, patient with the kids (of which there were 50+), and a pleasure to work with. I could not recommend him more, as both a colleague and fellow entertainer!"

- Benjamin Reynolds
Fire & Circus,
Corporate Holiday Party in Watertown, MA

Carrie Devanney, Five Star Review"What a fantastic time we had with Matias! Everyone loved him! We even found him inspirational! He made our Halloween party quite memorable!"

- Carrie Devanney
General Manager - Warwick Country Club,
Corporate Holiday Party in Warwick, RI

Christine Cotelle, Five Star Review"AWESOME!!! Magician Matias entertains both young and old alike. He engaged the entire company into his show and kept everyone spellbound. He was pleasant and funny and a great time was had by all. We will definitely recommend him to our Customers and friends!"

- Christine Cotelle
Event Coordinator - Star Engineering Inc,
Corporate Holiday Party in North Attleboro, MA

Christopher Mitchell, Five Star Review"Great Job. Kids loved the show. He was very entertaining."

- Christopher Mitchell
General Manager - Framingham Country Club,
Corporate Holiday Party in Framingham, MA

Ciaran Nagle, Five Star Review"They loved you!"

- Ciaran Nagle
Director - Greenway Carousel Entertainment LLC,
Corporate Holiday Party in Boston, MA

David Goodwin, Five Star Review"Great Experience! Matias was extremely good with all of the children aging in all different ranges. Very professional and enjoyable for everyone. I would highly recommend Magician Matias for any get together."

- David Goodwin
Director - North Shore YMCA,
Corporate Holiday Party in Beverly, MA

Deborah Wishner, Five Star Review"Magician Matias was a great partner in creating a fun, engaging, and memorable event for our Company. From the start he made it clear that the focus would be on our Company and not on himself and that he wanted to help make the evening a success. He definitely delivered. He was easy to work with, well-organized, creative in utilizing some items in his magic that had our Company's logo on them, followed through on his commitments to us, and, whether he was doing walk-around magic or the "parlor show" for us, he did amaze our employees, some of whom are still trying to figure out how he did what he did. I highly recommend him and would definitely hire him again."

- Deborah Wishner
Director of Human Resources - Firestone Financial,
Corporate Holiday Party in Newton, MA

Dennisse Rivera, Five Star Review"Matias came to our 10th annual blood drive and his station was the most popular one. Not only did he make some great balloon twisting but for some of our older kids he even showed them about some magic tricks. We love Matias and his invited to our next years 11th celebration. "

- Dennisse Rivera
HR - U.S. Residential Group LLC,
Corporate Holiday Party in East Hartford, CT

Faith Mott, Five Star Review"I've heard from several employees that they really enjoyed the show. I loved the book on fire, the red light, the logo, the egg, the water, the levitation and the guillotine. I thought it was a nice gesture on your part to give the audience participants the cards. Music was good...the employees didn't want you to leave. Overall, I think you did a fantastic job...THANK YOU Again, Matias"

- Faith Mott
Director of Human Resources - ULTRA Electronics MSI,
Corporate Holiday Party in Wallingford, CT

Fumi Akimaru, Five Star Review"Great entertainment for the Company Christmas Party! Magician Matias entertained both kids and adults at our company holiday party. Kids loved him and even adults had a great time! Very professional and really knows how to engage with the audience. Thank you Magician Matias!"

- Fumi Akimaru
Marketing Manager - NETZSCH,
Corporate Holiday Party in Boston, MA

Gail LaRocca, Five Star Review"Matias delighted young and old. Matias arrived promptly, setup with ease and accurately assessed the type of audience for the evening. At this family style cookout, Matias bridged the generations by astounding youngsters with tricks and balloon art and engaging the adults with clever magic tricks accompanied by friendly conversation. Reviews from all attending were superb!"

- Gail LaRocca
Director - Winchester Sons of Italy,
Corporate Holiday Party in Winchester, MA

Joanie Alfano, Five Star Review"Matias arrived on time, set up an amazing display, grabbed the attention of all the children AND the adults. Matias performed an excellent show geared to kids, but with enough humor to tickle the adults in the crowd"

- Joanie Alfano
Event Coordinator - Murphy & King,
Corporate Holiday Party in Boston, MA

Joanie L. Alfano, Five Star Review"Our second event with Matias. He was magical and amazing. He was able to entertain adults and keep the crowd happy. We are delighted with our new magician. Thanks again."

- Joanie L. Alfano
Marketing Manager - Murphy & King, PC.,
Corporate Holiday Party in Boston, MA

Kayleigh Murphy, Five Star Review"Great job! Kept the children involved and entertained throughout the show! Would definately reccomend."

- Kayleigh Murphy
Membership Director - New Haven Lawn Club,
Corporate Holiday Party in New Haven, CT

Kristie Raymond, Five Star Review"Matias really had the kids captivated. He was funny and kind and got the audience involved. He was terrific."

- Kristie Raymond
The Hudson Eagles Club,
Corporate Holiday Party in Hudson, MA

Lauren Bates, Five Star Review"I enjoyed his ability to involve the audience in almost all his acts. The people at the event really seemed to enjoy watching their friends participate. Overall the experience was light hearted, fun, and enjoyable. Despite the limitations of the room size, I think he covered the area well and performed as many tricks as he could given the time with great efficiency and a friendly attitude."

- Lauren Bates
Marketing Dept. - Rogo Fastener Co., Inc.,
Corporate Holiday Party in Middletown, NY

Leslie Brisman, Five Star Review"I loved the whole experience---as did all the kids and the parents. The interaction with the kids when you WERE talking to them was wonderful!"

- Leslie Brisman
ENGL - Yale University,
Corporate Holiday Party in New Haven, CT

Linda Hughes, Five Star Review"Our group really enjoyed Magician Matias. He was very entertaining and professional, and his tricks were amazing! He involved audience members, which added to the fun. I wouldn't hesistate ti recommend him to any group of all ages."

- Linda Hughes
Director - INSIGHT Youth Program,
Corporate Holiday Party in Warwick, RI

Liz Pomeroy, Five Star Review"Thanks again for a fantastic show on Wednesday. Everyone had only great things to say about you and the performance! :)"

- Liz Pomeroy
Information Manager - Deloitte Consulting LLP,
Corporate Holiday Party in Providence, RI

Mamta Patel, Five Star Review"I looked at his website and other links which was very satisfying and looked very professional then other magician. Matias was very cooperative and interactive with the people. The show was so much fun for both kids and adults. Matias had very much control over crowd. I would recommend him for any occasion"

- Mamta Patel
Director - Nuport Art Academy,
Corporate Holiday Party in New London, CT

Matthew Draxler, Five Star Review"We had Matias perform at our recent corporate Holiday party and he was wonderful. He was truly a pleasure to work with both in the planning stages and at the event. All of our guests commented on what a great job he did and how much they enjoyed the show. We had Matias do an hour of strolling magic at the beginning of the party and a half hour show a little later in the night. Everything went perfectly! Truly a professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone!"

- Matthew Draxler
Director - 4Cite Marketing, LLC,
Corporate Holiday Party in Albany, NY

Nandita Suvarna, Five Star Review"He had good reviews. I liked his very very professional approach! Was very engaging , kids were mesmerized !"

- Nandita Suvarna
Director - GOPIO,
Corporate Holiday Party in Stamford, CT

Peter Arsenault, Five Star Review"Matias did a great job entertaining an audience at our holiday party. Involved audience members, and worked hand in hand with us before the show to ensure an excellent performance. Very well done!"

- Peter Arsenault
Director - Under Cover,
Corporate Holiday Party in New Bedford, MA

Ray Swanson, Five Star Review"We found Matais on line and took a chance beased upon the content of the website. We were not disappointed. He held the attention on the group including teh kids and the adults. Excellent.... I would recommend him for other events. Thanks for the great show!"

- Ray Swanson
Plainville Fire Dept,
Corporate Holiday Party in Plainville, CT

Rita Rufo, Five Star Review"Very easy to work with Matias; took control of the event, had all the guests engaged - he was great"

- Rita Rufo
Social Catering Manager - Doubletree Suites by Hilton Boston,
Corporate Holiday Party in Boston, MA

Ron Fishman, Five Star Review"We have had 5 magicians over the last 6 years (one twice) for a block party / BBQ. Some were very good, one not good and Magician Matias was the best. The group of about 70 people who attended were a mix of adults and youth, mostly Spanish speaking. Matias related to all, and was able to give a bilingual performance. He stayed more time than contracted to continue to entertain the youth who couldn't get enough. He was a pleasure to work with and is highly recommended. "

- Ron Fishman
Resident Social Service Coordinator - Trinity Management LLC,
Corporate Holiday Party in Chelsea, MA

Ronni Michel, Five Star Review"The children enjoyed you so much at Christmas and asked if you could return for our Easter Party!"

- Ronni Michel
Director - Somerset Club,
Corporate Holiday Party in Boston, MA

Rose Davids, Five Star Review"Truly the best show ever, exceeded our expectations! We had a party at our apartment community on Tuesday October 30th 2012. Magician Matias was AMAZING! Our party was a huge success because of his performance and interaction with everyone. Magician Matias had a stunning performance that still has all of our residents talking about the event. We are so happy that we found Magician Matias and would highly recommend him to host your party. I am looking forward to having another event soon, so that I can see him perform again."

- Rose Davids
Director - Union Place Apartments,
Corporate Holiday Party in Franklin, MA

Rose Davids, Five Star Review"Truly the best show ever, exceeded our expectations!"

- Rose Davids
Director - Berkshire - Union Place Apartments,
Corporate Holiday Party in Franklin, MA

Sandra Jakomini, Five Star Review"Matias attended our National Night Out Event at Adrus Field in Yonkers, NY. The children were very happy with the balloons he made for them. Some used multiple balloons and the children were running around show them to everywhere there. We hope he reserves August 3 for the event next year."

- Sandra Jakomini
Director - Yonkers Police Department,
Corporate Holiday Party in Yonkers, NY

Seena Franklin, Five Star Review"Great ease in booking, he was willing to work with me around price given our nonprofit status. He was flexible. Good communication ahead of the event (it was booked a few months out). Matias did a great job connecting with the audience, working within the framework of our fair. Kids and adults seemed to really like his magic and his balloon art. Great choice!!!!"

- Seena Franklin
Director of Family Development - EBCAP,
Corporate Holiday Party in Tiverton, RI

Sharyn Moss, Five Star Review"Matais performed at our City of Boston sponsored Community Resource BBQ in Roxbury, MA on 6/29. This was our first time working with him. He arrived on time, was very professional and friendly with the children and community members. He started off with a "strolling magic trick" show, walking through the crowd, engaging young and old in conversation and tricks. He ended his show with a finale. There were about 50 children sitting around him in the grass, hanging on his every word. He kept them engaged and focused on the show. I heard them cheer loudly when he mystified them with some slight of hand and then when he pulled the bunny out, they went wild. I recommend him highly. Thanks."

- Sharyn Moss
Director - Boston Public Health Department,
Corporate Holiday Party in Roxbury, MA

Shelly Jacobson, Five Star Review"He was great. The kids loved him as well as the parents. Would absolutely use him again as well as recommend him! "

- Shelly Jacobson
Director - YMCA Mansfield,
Corporate Holiday Party in Mansfield, MA

Steven Watson, Five Star Review"It was a lot of fun and the kids enjoy it a lot! Out of the 18 years running family day, with a different magician each year, you had by far the best show!"

- Steven Watson
Director - Pirate Canoe Club,
Corporate Holiday Party in Kent, NY

Wanda Mayranen, Five Star Review"Absolutely, without a doubt, the best investment ever! Extremely professional, top notch performance. Both the kids and the kids at heart were totally impressed. The only improvement I could think of would be to have more money in our budget to be able to expand upon our time together and see MORE! Would highly recommend to anyone."

- Wanda Mayranen
Director of HR - COGEBI,
Corporate Holiday Party in Dover, NH

Lori Massaro, Five Star Review"Matias performed at the pre-show at our big fashion show at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. He did a terrific job at engaging our audience which included industry executives, faculty, students and even children. We all enjoyed his energy, wit and awesome magic. Matias was professional, reliable and delightful to work with"

- Lori Massaro
Director - Fashion Institute of Technology NY,
Corporate Close-up Show in New York, NY

Roxanne Ardary, Five Star Review"He was on time, professional, and put on a very entertaining show with a lot of audience interaction. He was extremely easy to work with and was able to cater to our time schedule and work with our program. Was very pleased all aspects."

- Roxanne Ardary
Director - Long and Foster Real Estate Inc.,
Corporate Show in Atlantic City, NJ

Cesar Moncayo, Five Star Review"He is the best, I will definitely recommend him for any event, he is so fun to see, and so professional. excellent"

- Cesar Moncayo
Sales Rep - Clover,
Trade Show in North Bergen, NJ

Jaime Walden, Five Star Review"From 501(c)(3) non-profit: The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus On October 6th, 2015, Yoko Ono and The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus hosted a special event called Imagine Peace in Central Park's beautiful East Meadow. Our aim was to create the largest human peace sign ever in honor of John Lennon's 75th birthday. To do so, we asked thousands of people to stand in one spot for a few hours to ensure the sign's formation was perfect. In the process of planning our event, we decided to hire some entertainment to mingle within the crowd and promote an atmosphere of happiness and peace. We are very fortunate to have hired Matias because he did just that! He could be seen creating smiles and most certainly memories tirelessly throughout the day. The Lennon Bus is very excited to have had Matias as part of our team, and believe fully he will add just as much joy and excitement to any event he is a part of as he did to Imagine Peace."

- Jaime Walden
Director - The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus ,
Corporate Close-up Show in New York, NY

Kevin Stratos, Five Star Review"Absolutely amazing magician. We had Magician Matias come to our corporate party, we looked up many magicians before booking and were very pleased to pick Matias. For one he is very easy to deal with, on booking and scheduling. Then he was early for the event, did an amazing show with walk around magic and a nice show. Everybody at our company was buzzing, really made it an incredible event. You will be very happy if you book him!!"

- Kevin Stratos
Manager - Global Telecom Supply,
Corporate Holiday Party in Roslyn Heights, NY

Isaac Elyassoff, Five Star Review"We wanted to add a special touch to our holiday party and we are very glad we chose Magician Matias, after reviewing many other magicians. First of all he has a great personality and knows how to deliver a very fun show, that at the same time fascinated everybody. He is extremely talented and very highly recommended. We were extremely satisfied with his performance. Other important positive comments, he was there early, had a full set up, very professional, and was always in touch. Very highly recommended!!"

- Isaac Elyassoff
Vice President - Global Telecom Supply,
Corporate Holiday Party in Roslyn Heights, NY

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