Are you having a Corporate Holiday Party?

Holiday Parties are an important part of each company. You want your employees to have a great time, celebrate the successes and achievements, and embrace the challengers. You got the venue, the food and now you want to add something fun, not-cheesy, that will make the event fun, exciting and memorable.

Don’t worry, we got you covered! We have several options to help you make your party a complete success!


This is a professional show that will turn your event into a Las Vegas Show! You’ll see Matias perform his world-class illusions with his beautiful partenaire Alisa including a magical appearance, the ring illusion, levitations and Houdini's famous Metamorphosis.

Matias and Alisa will keep your guests engaged and entertained with their clean comedy and interactive magic.

They will include your company’s name or products in some custom tricks specially created for your event. Plus, Matias will pick-pocket some of your guest’s watches, wallets, cellphones and more.  And we guarantee everybody will talk about it for years to come!


- 60 min

- 45 min

Up to 30 min

* Travel fee will apply for shows more than 50 miles away from New York.


This is a one man show that includes illusions, mentalism and lots of interactions. No need to have a proper stage and it can be accommodated to small and large venues.

Matias will also perform tricks especially created for your event by using your company’s brand name, logo, or products.


- 60 min

- 45 min

Up to 30 min

* Travel fee will apply for shows more than 50 miles away from New York.


This is a mentalist show that is better for intimate dinners or small events, and it can be adjusted to fit small and large venues. The show includes a series of mental tricks and mind reading demonstrations the way it used to be performed at the end of the 19th century, where a psychic would be invited to entertain the guests.

Matias will also perform tricks specially created for the event by using your company, products or services. All of this, along with the finest mentalism and smoothest pickpocketing, will leave everybody laughing and amazed.


- 60 min

* Travel fee will apply for shows more than 50 miles away from New York.


This is where Matias mixes and mingles with your guests performing short five to ten minutes sets that include top-notch magic, clean comedy, mentalism/mind-readings and pick-pocketing.

Everybody will be involved with the magic happening right in their hands.

Just imagine your guests’ faces when Matias performs astonishing and sophisticated tricks, reads their minds, pull items from his iPad, turns five $1 bills into $500, and all while pickpocketing their watches, wallets, glasses and more!

And Matias will customize the tricks for your company to include your brand, products, special message, or anything else you want!

  • Full Event
  • Up to 2 hours

* Full Event is up to 4 hours.
Travel fee will apply for shows more than 50 miles away from New York.


This unique show brings the wine and magic closer to the audience in which they will actively participate.

Some of Matias’ tricks include his awarded wine bottles multiplication, giving out the name of the wine someone is thinking off and many more surprises as shown in the video.

This show is perfect for groups up to 40 guests.
Prices range from $300-$600 per person depending on the menu.


"Social-e-Connected" is a highly interactive One-Man show in which Matias will perform a series of tricks with the active participation of the guests, mixing high impact tricks and stage illusions that will make everyone feel socially connected.

In addition, Matias will use the screen to do some mentalist tricks, and a special connection test where everybody will get to do a card trick together from home, so get ready to participate in this unique virtual experience! By the end, Matias will make 8 bottles of wine magically appear, and will offer a toast for all the guests to celebrate that they are all social-e-connected!

And the show can be customized for your event to take Social-e-Connected to the next level!


- 60 Min
- 45 Min
- 30 Min

* We can do shorter programs too!
** At the end you can add a 15-20 min Master Class where you and your guests will learn some cool and easy-to-do card tricks.

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