Matias can pickpocket your guest’s watches, pens, vapors,
lenses, name tags, you name it!!!

Matias mixes and mingles with your guests performing short five to ten minutes sets in which he will pickpocket them while distracting them with his top-notch magic, and mentalism. This is another fun way to keep the guests engaged and entertained. Just watch the videos below to see some of the guest’s reactions at previous events!

Illusionist Matias was invited to the HP & TGI Office of the future


HP was launching their new line of top-notch and ultra secure printers in their “office of the future” client event.

The Challenge

They wanted to reinforce the concept of having a secure office where no cyber attacks can damage the integrity of the company and their employees. Matias job was to pickpocket the guests to show them we never know when a security breach can happen, but with hp they have nothing to worried about.

The Result
Matias pickpocketed EVERYTHING from watches, vapes, cellphones, name badges and more. Everyone was full of excitement and learning how important is to be prepared for the attacks. The event was a complete success.

Illusionist Matias Pickpocket San Francisco Police Officer


Watch how Illusionist Matias Pickpockets a San Francisco Police Officer while performing at an event por AT&T. This was super exciting for Matias as this was an extremely difficult watch to pickpocket. Thank you to the police officer who’s reaction was super nice and friendly! Otherwise Matias wouldn’t be here!

Illusionist Matias Pickpocketing guest at GTS Holiday Party

Matias brought a lot of excitement to the GTS holiday party! And he got some souvenirs right on time for Christmas and Hanukkah!

Watch Matias pickpocketing cops at the NYPBA Celebration

Would you pickpocket a cop? Yes, a police officer… Here is how!

Watch Matias in action at some of his client's events!

» Floral Dental Care 5/18

» Direct Energy 11/17

» Oscar Bar Mitzvah 11/17

» Baby Shower with Gender Reveal 3/3

» Capital ONE 10/17

» James 40th Birthday 12/17

» New York Police PBA 12/9

» HOPs - Northstar Academy 11/17

» Reunited Clothing 12/13

» Instrata 11/13

» Krissy - Free People 11/9

» Dailymotion 9/28

» Levy's Party 12/17

» Pacheco's Party 12/17

» Beau 1/18

Fun Corporate Magic and Illusionist Matias were Awarded Top TheBash NY Corporate Magician, along with Best Magician in New York City on Expertise

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