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Fun Corporate Magic is a premier entertainment company specializing in providing magical experiences for corporate and private events. With over 24+ years of experience and a team of skilled magicians and mentalists, Fun Corporate Magic has earned a reputation for delivering top-notch entertainment that elevates events and keeps audiences engaged and entertained.

Fun Corporate Magic offers a wide range of performances for your corporate and private events, including Stage Shows, Intimate Shows, Walk-Around Magic, Strong Team-building Programs, Trade Shows, Workshops, and Motivational Speeches. Fun Corporate Magic’s talented performers will engage and interact with your guests, creating an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, amazement, and astonishment.

Whether you’re planning a convention, meeting, or an off-site event for your team members or clients, Fun Corporate Magic is prepared to provide you with the best magical entertainment tailored to your specific needs.

Experience the magic of Fun Corporate Magic and elevate your corporate events to new heights of entertainment and enchantment. Contact us today to discuss your event and discover how they can make it a truly magical experience


    Matias Letelier

    Founder and Main Illusionist at Fun Corporate Magic

    Matias Letelier is an award-winning Chilean-American illusionist and mentalist, founder of Fun Corporate Magic. With over 25 years of experience, Matias’ unique blend of top-notch magic, mentalism, and high energy, has helped him become one of New York’s favorite entertainers for virtual, in person, and hybrid events.

    Even though he lives in New York, Matias constantly travels around the world to perform at corporate & private events, trade shows, and colleges shows, along with his residency at the Overlook Bar (previously at the McKittrick Hotel) in NY where he performs Speakeasy Magick seven times a week.

    With performances for Google, T-Mobile, Morgan Stanley, Amazon, Red Bull, HP, J.P.Morgan, SONY, IBM, BMW, Amex, Deloitte and AT&T to name a few, Matias’ charming accent and exceptional talent have delighted millions of people across the USA and the world (view client list).

    He also consults for major companies in the world and offers workshops on psychological safety in the workplace, communication skills, and team building.

    In his shows, Matias mixes comedy and magic that will have everybody laughing, entertained, amused, and amazed. His performances include lots of active audience participation, stage illusions, and mind reading demonstrations. Oh, and you might get pickpocketed as well!

    Languages: Native Spanish, Fluent English, Medium Portuguese, Basic French

    Illusionist Matias throw cards-bw

    Cecilia Ortiz

    Executive Talent Manager

    Cecilia, our Executive Talent Manager, excels as the booking coordinator at Fun Corporate Magic. Being in love with the arts since forever, she seamlessly blends her role and she crafts memorable experiences by connecting clients with our talented performers. Her meticulous attention to detail shines as she curates unforgettable events to the client’s needs, ensuring every moment is tailor-made and an exceptional one.

    Lenguagues: Native Spanish, Fluent English, Medium Italian.

    Cecilia Ortiz


    Director of Happiness

    Dobby is the Director of Happiness at Fun Corporate Magic! With a tail-wagging attitude and expert treat detection skills, Dobby ensures our office is never short on smiles and belly laughs. He takes ‘pawsitive’ energy to a whole new level!



    Director of Laughter

    Meet our youngest team member – 2 year old Zayn! This little charmer lights up the office with his infectious laugh and adorable smile. Zayn loves shuffling through our playing cards and flashing his baby grin during meetings. While he’s still perfecting his public speaking skills, he entertains us endlessly with his silly antics. Zayn reminds us daily to approach challenges with curiosity, joy and a sense of humor. We’re so fortunate to have this ball of energy and positivity on our team!

    Matias Letelier - New York City Stage Illusionist for hire at Entertainers Worldwide


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