AVer Information Inc., was showcasing their products at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE 2019). This is a conference attended by thousands of educators from all over the world.

The Challenge

The attendees had limited amount of time, and AVer wanted to make sure they were stoping at their booth to learn more about their products, specially during the 4 daily product presentations.

The Result
Matias used his skills not only to showcase their products, but also to attract, retain and convert attendees into prospective clients. One of the favorite parts was when he pickpocketed the guests, and then reminded them that the show was about to start. People were excited because they were not only learning from AVer, but they were having a blast at a conference where there was just too much information.

This type of excitement is what makes Matias' presentation a great addition to companies participating at trade shows. Take a look at some of the photos to see the type of crowd Matias was able to pull in!

HP was launching their new line of top-notch and ultra secure printers in their "office of the future" client event. 

The Challenge

They wanted to reinforce the concept of having a secure office where no cyber attacks can damage the integrity of the company and their employees. Matias job was to pickpocket the guests to show them we never know when a security breach can happen, but with hp they have nothing to be worried about. 

The Result
Matias pickpocketed EVERYTHING from watches, vapes, cellphones, name badges and more. Everyone was full of excitement and learning how important is to be prepared for the attacks. The event was a complete success.

CAPITAL ONE wanted to create a fun lunch hour for all the employees, boosting their energy when they most needed it.

The Challenge

Employees where coming in groups of 5-10 at a time, and sometimes they had to wait in line for a few minutes before they could order their food. Capital One wanted to make this wait-time fun and entertaining.

The Result
We brought Matias’ Close-up Magic, Mentalism & Pickpocket. He brought lot of energy and fun to the lunch time. Some of the tricks were related to Capital One product, finance, risk and more. Watch the video to see some of the audience reactions. 

AT&T were doing a new store grand opening in Seattle and the heart of San Francisco. The San Francisco Store is the biggest store in the west coast.

The Challenge

AT&T wanted to create store awareness, making sure people stop by the store, leave their contact information, post on their social media, and purchase some accessories for their phones. We partnered with MAC Presentsand brought a team of 4 magicians that performed some iPad and tech magic. The tricks were related to the store and their new products including the new Samsung Galaxy.

The Result
Guests not only enjoyed the iPad magic and all the technological tricks, they also posted on their social media. After that they received a special trick in which they received a promotional discount for any product purchased in the store.

One of the best part of this experience was the iPad magic, which has become one of our client's top choices when booking us for their client's events.

DISNEY wanted to add a little magic touch to the first screening of Freaky Friday

They invited Matias to bring that "freaky" moment and get the guests excited before the movie began. 

The Result
Matias brought a series of tricks related to the movie and he even pickpocketed many guests with the message "you'll never know what could happen to you". Many celebrities and movie stars enjoyed Matias talents and were talking about it.

In addition, Matias made the guests post fun photos in their social media with the event's hashtag, helping spread the word about the movie.

CNN wanted to create a fun segment LIVE TV. They were reading a 400 page document and they needed someone to boos the energies at the middle of it.

The Challenge

The reader couldn't stop reading and we had to keep the viewers engaged and entertained. So we decided to play some interactive tricks with the online audience, that were aligned with what the reader was reading.

The Result
Viewers started commenting about the tricks, keeping the excitement about the reading, making more fun to watch and stayed tune. 

WeWork was launching their two new office spaces in Philadelphia, PA. They wanted to create some excitement so people could book appointments to see the new venues. 

The Challenge

Many of their target audience was rushing to work, meetings, and lunch. So we needed to create a time stop and breaker. We decided to do street magic with a message, were people saw some quick and high impact tricks that will relate to the new WeWork office space. 

The Result
Many people signed up for the tours and were posting photos about the experience on their social media (instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.). 

AMEX invited all of their VIP clients to a Harry Potter avant premiere. To create a little more excitement, they asked Matias to come and perform for them while they were waiting in line.

The Challenge

The clients were getting impatient to enter to the cinema, grab their popcorn and drinks. So Matias came to the line to do some fun tricks with their credit cards, and other elements.

The Result
The guests didn't care about the waiting and it seemed there was no waiting at all. Everybody was smiling and laughing and we provided an additional excitement before the movie began.

J.P.Morgan was opening a new space for the employees to eat, relax and enjoy some time with other co-workers.

The Challenge

They wanted to show their employees how important they are for the company. 

The Result
We brought Matias’ Close-up Magic, Mentalism & Pickpocket to help boost the energies. Matias performed some tricks related to J.P.Morgan, in addition to security, risk management, financial abundance, and more. Take a look at some of the employee's reactions.

First Aid Beauty was launching their new product with the concept "lighter than air". They invited the most popular social media influencers to an exclusive event on a New York rooftop. 

The Challenge

They wanted the social media influencers to create content on their social media accounts so more people can be interested in their products. To do this, we created a full routine that talked about "light" and magic. We made a table float, some products magically appear, and we event reveal the inner thoughts of the guests... which of course were related to First Aid Beauty!

The Result
The guests were creating social media content including post and insta stories along with live videos that mentioned the magical experience and the product. 

JOICO wanted to launch their new line "Defy Damage" to several social media influencers.

The Challenge
JOICO wanted to have the social media influencers talk about their new products in their social media, and to share the key benefits of their new product line Defy damage

Matias came up with the great idea of making the new line appear after the guests named what is it what they were looking in their hair products. After writing them on a piece of paper, he "cooked" the perfect product that combined all of their requests. That's how Matias made the new line of products magically appear for the delight of the guests. In addition, he made a table float to represent how smooth and light your hair feels after applying the product.

The Result
All the social media influencers posted photos and videos of the performance in their instastories, which got to millions of followers. Just watch some of the clips. 

Now we are working on bringing this experience to San Francisco and other top cities around the USA.

Veuve Clicquot was launching their new brand Veuve Clicquot Rich, the sweetest champagne in the market.

The Challenge
The guests were at the beach, in their swimsuits. So Matias changed his outfit to match Veuve Clicquot's brand image.

The Result
We helped create an exclusive five sense experience around VC-Rich where guests tried not only the champagne, but also learned from its history, their key benefits, different ways you can drink the champagne and a few hot tips.

We brought this successful experience to the Hamptons, Montauk, Long Beach and Boston. 

Premier USA wanted to promote their prophy paste with the ACP Technology (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate) at a hygienist convention, along with their scalers and other products.

The Challenge
How can you showcase a product that you can't test, that claims it will help remove the stains from your teeth? This was the challenge and we created an experience in which attendees to the trade show would come to the table to experiment what the ACP formula would do with their teeth. They put their hands in a big molar and the stains (tea leaves) stock to their hands (see photo). 

The Result
We were the main attraction at the trade show and everybody was talking about abra Kadabra Premiere or ACP, the special component that acts like magic helping remove the stain from your teeth.

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