Magical Introductions

Have you dreamed about making an introduction like none else before?

We have created a powerful introduction with lights, music and the most incredible illusions just to make your entrance something extra special and unique.

Have a theme? We can tailor our performance to match your theme and be de highlight of the night as in the video below!

What is a Magical Introduction?

Many of our clients wants to make a magical introduction to their parties instead of just walk into the room. They want to make it special, not cheesy, fun, exciting and engaging. 

We have created several ways of making your guest-of-honor magically appear. Whether you want the new president to show up and give a speech, switch two people (the former for the newer), or just make someone everybody loves magically appear, we got you cover.

And here is how!

You Are The Star!

We will make you or the guest of honor be the star at your event with one of our amazing illusions

Custom Illusions

We offer different options for different budgets, from just a quick and simple introduction, to a Las Vegas’ Style Magical Introduction.

It's your moment!

We will focus on your specific needs to help you make that moment fun and memorable and yours.


Our Key To Success

We have created a powerful performance, taken care of every single detail to make sure EVERYBODY talks about it for years to come!

Are you ready to become a Rockstar?

We will make you look good and feel good. We will walk you step-by-step to make sure your entrance is THE TALK OF THE PARTY!



Lights goes off and a video starts playing. This video is all about you or the guest of honor. We will make the guests excited and wondering "what's happening?". This helps generate extra excitement for the next part.

During this part, Matias will interact with the screen and take a green laser from the screen. Later, this laser will create the name of the guest of honor.

Laser screen

2. Alexandria's appearance

After the video, Matias will make his assistant magically appear. This creates lots of excitement. After performing a small choreography and received a well deserved round of applause, they will let the audience know there is something special about to happen.

3. Guest-of-Honor Magical Introduction

At this point, they will make the guest-of-honor magically appear with lots of excitement, and powerful music. And they will get the party started!

We can also use:

  • Fire Cage
  • Magic Box
  • Make the guest-of-honor magically levitate
  • Or create anything you want


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