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Chris Anthony

Magician, Strolling Magic, Stage shows

Chris has been performing intimate, sophisticated, interactive magic, and mind-blowing mentalism professionally for over 20 years. Chris has now taken his show on-line and has been helping companies make their virtual events unforgettable. This is NOT like watching a YouTube video of a magic show. Everyone here gets a front row seat to a very interactive, and personalized event that the audience participates in. The show is a very interactive, fun mix strong magic, and amazing tricks of the mind that ends with a 4-part prediction that really has to be seen to be believed.
 Chris can perform either close-up, strolling magic were he performs from group to group, and table to table, and puts on a small, but powerful show of intimate, close-up, slight of hand magic that happens right in your guests hands, or a stand-up show of mind-blowing mentalism. Performing demonstrations of highly developed mental abilities, rapid mathematics, mind control, and psychological illusions, ending with a 4-part prediction that really has to be seen to be believed. He can also perform a combination of the two. 


  • Close-up Magic
  • One Man Stage Show 30-45-60 Minutes
Ben Zabin


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