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Magician Matias Letelier

The New Hottest Corporate Magician

for Corporate Client’s Events in NY!


We Guarantee His Charming Accent Along With His Unique Blend Of Top-Notch Magic, Mentalism, Clean Comedy, Pick Pocketing, High Energy, And Lots Of Audience Participation Will Make Your Next Corporate Client’s Event Fun, Amazing and Memorable, Or You’ll Get The Show FREE And We’ll Donate $100 To Your Favorite Charity Just For Wasting Your Time!

Thank you for your interest in Matias’ Stage Show. We call him the Corporate entertainment specialist because he knows how to delight your clients with Fun Corporate Magic! Many times throughout the year he helps companies like yours make their client’s events fun, entertaining and exciting. Matias offers many options from stage show where Matias performs illusions and comedy tricks; or close-up magic where the magic happens in the spectator’s hands; or a workshop where they will learn a few easy-to-do magic tricks. Matias will have everybody laughing, entertained, amused and amazed. Everybody will be involved with the magic as it includes lots of active audience participation and many custom tricks with your brand name, products or services. Just imagine your guests’ faces when Matias makes a table float in the air or when he turn five $1 bills into $500!

We know how stressful it can be to plan a client’s event. You want your clients to have a fun and memorable event…..and all while staying within a budget.

“Customers and clients really gave great feedback on Matias. He was engaging, funny, and gave wow moments to his audience. Will highly recommend him for corporate events and will use him in any of my upcoming future corporate events. Good job Matias!”
Jackie Foulks

Senior Meeting Manager, American Express

“Matias entertained us at a work party on Friday. He was fantastic! He’s been the topic of conversation at work today. Our colleagues who didn’t go to the party missed a great time. I would recommend him for your next gathering large or small!”
Heather Brenna

Clinical Coordinator, Hasbro Children Hospital

“Thank you, Matias! Looks like everyone enjoyed you very much! I did get a lot of good responses from everyone! Thank you! We will definitely work with you again for future events!”
Marko Duffy

President, Marathon Sales

What Really Makes A Special Event Unforgettable?

We believe that a good quality show that keeps your clients engaged and entertained is the most important factor to making your client’s event fun and memorable. But there are so many options to choose from and everybody will tell you they are “the best”. Do you hire this person or another? It’s frustrating to try and figure out who will please everyone, isn’t it?




Matias offers you a show that will bring high energy, hysterical laughing and magic to your event. His stage show is self-contained so you don’t have to worry about anything. He sets-up before the party begins and provides a fun, interactive and exciting experience for your clients. Or, if you would prefer, his close-up magic doesn’t require a big stage setting. He simply mingles throughout the party providing a fun, interactive, up-close experience for your clients and guests.

One of the most talked about tricks in Matias’ stage show is his floating table. Matias will mention the story of his uncle and how he taught him the importance of using the imagination to achieve our goals and make dreams come true. After inviting everybody to think about his dreams and “magically” put them inside of a box that lays on top of the table, this one will start to fly through the room. To see this trick in action, press play on the video on thefollowing video!

Another amazing trick is Matias’’ “Wrist watch trick”. Matias will pick-pocket some of your clients without them noticing. Many people scream with excitement once they realize Matias has taken their watches. This is great because it creates a lot of excitement for your guests and clients. To see this trick in action, press play on the video!

Matias is not just another typical American magician

Are you ready to learn Matias’ secret about

why he is five times more fun than any other entertainer?

Matias’ charming accent along with his talent and unique charisma will delight your clients from the first moment they meet him. He knows they are the important ones and will treat them in a friendly and respectful way. You’ll probably hear your clients and guests talking about how wonderful he is.



Matias presents his magic in a fun and entertaining way that will keep your clients smiling from the moment they start watching the show!



Matias knows how to make people laugh. Indeed his clean comedy keeps them laughing without using foul language, or making references to sexual, homophobic or racial jokes. We guarantee Matias’ show is completely clean, and he makes everybody feel comfortable.


Matias makes your clients a part of the action. He knows it’s all about them. And he makes them feel included by using interactive illusions and many audience participation.



Matias’ charming accent, along with his talents keeps your clients and guests engaged and entertained, making your event a complete success!

“Matias was great! Very personable and would definitely recommend! ”
Katelyn Andrews

Marketing Communications Specialist, Webster First Federal Credit Union

“He was great, professional and a pleasure to be around. Thanks ”
Lisa Carter

Staff Accountan, Flexion Therapeutics, Inc.

“Matias was wonderful. His magic was excited and engaged. it was a perfect addition to our event. ”
Lisa Costanzo

Director of HR, Boston Public Health Commission

“Matias, thank you for helping us entertain our clients. Everybody enjoyed your show. Thank you for a great night!”

Ellen Murphy

Marketing & Communications, Accenture LLP

Check out the photos of actual shows

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Matias, this is exactly what I’m looking for!

How much is it?

Stage Illusion Show With Assistant 

This is a professional show that will turn your event into a fun and memorable night! You’ll see Matias perform his world-class illusions with his assistant Coni. He will keep your guests engaged and entertained with his clean comedy and interactive magic. And will include your company’s name or products in some custom tricks specially created for your event. Plus, Matias will pick-pocket some of your guest’s watches, wallets, cellphones and more. Also 4 of your guests will float in mid-air in a trick that will have the whole audience hysterically laughing. And we guarantee everybody will talk about it for years to come!

Stage Show With Illusions & Assistant

  • Deluxe Show 90 Min……………..$3,990
  • Premium Show 60 Min………….$2,990
  • Gold Show 45 Min…………………$2,490
  • Silver Show 30 Min……………….$1,990
  • Basic Show 20 Min………………..$1,490

One-Man Stage Show

This is a one man show (no assistant) that is better for small events or private parties at a restaurant. No need to have a proper stage and it can be accommodated to small venues. The Show includes some great illusions and lots of audience interactions. Matias also performs tricks especially created for the event by using your company’s brand name, logo, specific product name or a special insight/slogan you might want me to use.

One Man Show With Illusions

  • Deluxe Show 90 Min………………$ 2,490
  • Premium Show 60 Min…………..$ 1,990
  • Gold Show 45 Min………………….$ 1,490
  • Silver Show 30 Min………………..$ 1,290
  • Basic Show 20 Min…………………$ 990

One Man Show Without Illusions

  • Premium Show 60 Min…………..$ 1,790
  • Gold Show 45 Min………………….$ 1,290
  • Silver Show 30 Min………………..$ 990

Close-up or Strolling Magic Show

This is where Matias mixes and mingles with your guests performing short five to ten minutes sets that include top-notch magic, clean comedy, mentalism and pick pocketing. Everybody will be involved with the magic happening right in their hands and right up next to them. Just imagine your guests’ faces when Matias turns five $1 bills into $500!

We offer three possibilities:

  • Full Event: $ 2,990
    Matias will be there during the full event or up to 4 hours.
  • Up to 2 hours: $ 1,790
    This is perfect for groups of 50-100 guests 
  • 1 hour: $ 1,290
    This is perfect for groups of up to 50 guests.

Magic&Wine: The Ultimate Wine Experience

This is a wine tasting with an exclusive show where every trick is related to wines. We guarantee this show will change the way you drink wine and will make it unforgettable and fun!


We offer three possibilities:

  • Deluxe Show 90 Min………………$ 2,490
  • Premium Show 60 Min…………..$ 1,990
  • Gold Show 45 Min………………….$ 1,490
  • Silver Show 30 Min………………..$ 1,290

Magic Workshop

Why not trying a magic lesson and learn some easy-to-do magic tricks? Matias will teach your clients how to perform some miracles, including some especially custom brand tricks with your logo, products or services.

Additionally, every participant will receive a deck of cards with your logo on it. Just imagine your clients seeing and showing your logo everytime they use this deck of cards!

Length of the program is 60 min.


  • Groups up to 50 ppl……………… $ 1,490
  • Groups up to 40 ppl……………… $ 1,290
  • Groups up to 25 ppl……………… $ 990
“Chelsea Square Apartments celebrates every year with a summer BBQ. We brought Magician Matias back for a second time. The residents are mostly Latino. Old and young alike marvel at his magic. He is able to approach the most distant and bring them in. His mix of English and Spanish seals the deal! Highly recommended!”
Ron Fishman

Trinity Management LLC

“Matias was very professional and IMPRESSIVE! His show blew many people away and he had quite a following- he really had the crowd going! The event was hosted by Harvard graduate students. Everyone was very impressed with the performance and we look forward to working with Matias again in the future.”
Josh Sandler

MBA, Harvard Business School

“Fun! Thank you so much!”
Jerilyn Goldberg

Executive Assistant, Moderna Therapeutics

“It was a fantastic show!”
Hernan Fontaine

Founder, Fontaine&Cia

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