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Evgeny Moskalov

Virtual Magician

Evgeny was always passionate about magic and the world without it was never an option for him, so he found ways to keep at it. Since Evgeny was 8 years old he trained with a deck of cards and small objects. Years of practice made his fingers nimble and desire to impress and share magic with other people led him to master his skills everyday.

Nowadays Evgeny is a sleight of hand performer and he invites you to experience his way of magic.

On his virtual show guests will experience real magic online. Incredible sleight of hand tricks, mind reading performances, cheating techniques and extreme card manipulations.

In addition, the show includes a Master Class where Evgeny will guide you with the best tips of how to use a deck of cards in many different situations so you can impress your friends and colleagues at the next business event. Just bring a deck of cards and learn from the master.


  • Virtual Magic Show
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