Experiential Kits

We have created the following experiential kits to help you make your virtual show even better and tasty!


Lights goes off and a video starts playing. This video will make the guests excited and wondering “what’s happening?”. This helps generate extra excitement for the next part.

During this part, Matias will interact with the screen and take a green laser from the screen. Later, this laser will create your company’s logo or guest-of-honor’s name on the screen.

Laser screen

Alexandria's appearance

After the video, Matias will make his assistant magically appear. This creates lots of excitement. After performing a small choreography and received a well deserved round of applause, they will let the audience know there is something special about to happen.

*OPTIONAL - Guest-of-Honor Magical Introduction

At this point, they can make the guest-of-honor magically appear with lots of excitement, and powerful music. And they will get the party started!

We can also use:

  • Fire Cage
  • Magic Box
  • Make the guest-of-honor magically levitate
  • Or create anything you want

Ring's Escape

Alexandria will perform a fun illusion in which she will get inside and outside a ring prison. Did we mention they are the fastest one in the world?


    Matias will demonstrate that we are all “interconnected” by using a “special device” that will allow him to test the connection between participants. 

    * At the end, Matias will pickpocket the guests and make it even more hilarious

    The Boss - A Random Prediction

    A spectator from the audience will have to play “the boss” and choose random participants by tossing out some balls, and while holding a big deck of cards. Each one of the participants will choose a property of a card (color, suit, number). Then Matias will reveal that the card being created matches a card placed on the deck in what we call “a random prediction”.

      Mind Reading Experiments

      Matias will proceed to perform a series of mind reading demonstrations and psychic abilities that will leave everyone amazed. These includes revealing people’s thoughts, moving objects with the power of the mind, and make a table float in mid-air.


      Imagine your guests faces when Matias makes a table float in mid air.

      Alexandria's Levitation

      Alexandria and Matias will perform a choreographed dance along with a beautiful song that will lead to Alexandria’s levitation. Just imagine her floating in mid air. Simply beautiful and spectacular. 

        Phone Prediction

        Very fun mentalism demonstration in which the audience will create a random number that Matias, not only predicted, but also reveals to have a secret message*.

        * This message will be related to your event.

        Houdini's Metamorphosis

        Houdini’s famous two-people-places-change. This is a world class illusion in which Matias will switch places with Alexandria after lock her up inside a bag inside a cage. Don’t blink your eyes or you might miss it!