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Joel Acevedo

Magician, Strolling Magic, Stage shows

Joel Acevedo was a kid when he fell in love with magic. He saw a magician whose entertaining performance created emotions in him so memorable that motivated Joel to find ways to share this arcane art with others.

Joel is based in Massachusetts, U.S.A. where he performs all around New England. In addition to his private engagements, he is the producer and co-star of one of Boston’s highest rated shows: Four-Handed Illusions:An Intimate Evening of Laughs and Wonder
When you hire Joel, you are getting the result of over 25 years of passionate study and real-world experience: magic that is always engaging, entertaining, and amazing.


Perfect for cocktail receptions. Joel walks among your guests and entertains small groups of 2-10 people at a time.
Running time: 1 hour per 100 guests


In this type of show, your guests sit casually around Joel as he delights them with amazing feats of magic. The audience members are not only spectators but participants in what quickly becomes an experience they will remember for a long time. 
Maximum seating: 35 people     

Approx. running time: 60 mins


A stand-up magic show where the whole audience is seated in a theater-like fashion. This show involves different magic acts suitable for medium to large audiences. To break the “fourth wall” that this setting might impose between the artist and his audience, Joel combines his impossible and fascinating magic effects with lots of audience interaction and participation.

This type of show requires a “stage area” in front of the audience. This area doesn’t have to be big or a stage proper. Also, depending on the size of the audience and room, a PA system might be necessary. Sound equipment requirements could be fulfilled by a system you might already plan on having at the event or available at the event’s venue. Joel can also provide the necessary equipment at an additional cost.
Audience size: 30 – 1,000 people                              

Approx. running time: 50 mins

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