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Joshy Kurzban

Magician, Strolling Magic, Mentalism

From winning several awards as a teen magician including best close-up show and best stage show, Josh now performs 100+ shows every year! And with a Rubik’s Cube Solving Record of 21 seconds, Josh is tough to beat!

Josh offers personalized 1-on-1 magical moments for each person, to make every interaction special!

Impressive Mind Reading, Invisible Pickpocketing, voodoo, money magic, Rubik’s cubes, cards and other Entertaining feats of sleight-of-hand to make every guest GASP, LAUGH, SMILE, and say “WOW” as they FEEL a true experience of MAGIC!


  • Close-up Magic
  • Rubik’s cube act
  • One Man Stage Show
  • Illusion Show with Assistant
Josh Kurzban


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