T E N   S E C R E T S
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at your next trade show by 200%

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, you are about to learn ten secrets to increase your lead generation at your next trade show by 200% or more! 

I have spent hundreds of hours observing traffic patterns at tradeshows in order to determine why some booths seem to attract a steady stream of visitors while others remain almost deserted. I have found that there are certain rules that can be followed which will DRAMATICALLY INCREASE THE LEADS you can get at your next tradeshow.

Wouldn’t you agree , as business owners, we know a tradeshow is one of the best places to meet the greatest number of real prospects, all at the same place at the same time? With the RIGHT GAME PLAN, you can obtain enough contacts to generate a year’s worth of orders by attending just one tradeshow.

The reason for this is because the prospects you meet at a tradeshow are the decisions makers. According to the Tradeshow Bureau, 34% of the visitors will be top or middle management, 21% are sales/marketing professionals, 20% are in engineering or research, and 12% are production supervisors. Seven out of ten firms make purchases as a result of attending tradeshows.

, this booklet will hopefully motivate you to maximize your marketing potential. This idea generator should get you started in the right direction.


T E N   S E C R E T S

Location vs. Salespeople


Recent research confirms that the profitability from a tradeshow is more dependent on quality sales people than location. After saying that, the best location for your booth is near the entrance/exit of the tradeshow, close to the bathrooms or near the food concessionsIt is also best to be located at the center of the floor than along the sides. However, most tradeshow attendees walk up and down every isle looking for the products that they need. Businesses with the newest and most innovative products are usually the last to sign up for the tradeshow and are stuck off to the side. Knowledgeable buyers know this and search them out.

Getting the Most Out Of Your Salespeople


Have your booth constantly manned with enough knowledgeable salespeople. You do not want potential customers to wait too long for service. Buyers try to hit as many booths as possible and their time is very limited. You do not want to see a million dollar account walk away because she has to wait more than a few minutes to see if she can get your product in green.

KNOWLEDGEABLE is the key word in the above paragraph, The best salesmen from your company should be on hand. Tradeshows are one of the best ways to meet large numbers of potential customers in a short amount of time. Be prepared.

Set a goal beforehand with your salespeople. Offer some kind of bonus for hitting the goal. Nothing motivates people more than a goal with a reward. Make this a team effort where everyone wins.

Give your people enough breaks so that they do not burn out. Be sure they get enough sleep the night before. Nothing drags a person quicker than arriving on the red-eye and having to stand 12 hours at a tradeshow booth. Keep them motivated and alert.

Helpful Hint: Everyone should wear comfortable shoes. A tradeshow floor is not the place to break in a new pair of shoes.

Live Demonstrations


If at all possible, demonstrate your product. A live demonstration is best, but a video or multi-media presentation can also be effective.

6 Tips For A Demonstration

1. Keep the demonstration under 10 minutes. Attendees at a trade show have a 5-10 min attention span. Any longer than that and you will quickly lose their attention and the prospect will wander off before you can close.

2. Give time to build a crowd at the beginning of the demonstration before giving out critical information. A crowd builds a crowd. Give your most important features and benefits at the end of your presentation.

3. Select one specific message or product for your demonstration. One of the biggest mistakes made with most demos is trying to give out too much information… Remember, the primary goal of the demonstration is to bring people into the booth so that they can be serviced by the salesmen. The goal of the demonstration is to peak their curiosity so that they will come into the booth.

4. Make sure that whoever is doing the demonstration has a thorough knowledge of the product, or have technical support standing by. If the demonstrator does not know the answer to the questions, be honest. Inform the person asking the questions that he will get an answer after the demonstration.

5. Practice the demonstration until you can do it without thinking about it, each sentence blending into the next. You do not want to sound as if you are reciting a dull script.

6. Conclude the demonstration by leading the prospects to the salesmen. This can simply be an invitation to come into the booth or asked to fill out an information card. Never end the demonstration without some kind of plan for the prospects, otherwise you might loose some potential business.



The name of the game is to get people to your booth. One of the easiest ways to do this is to hand out circulars at the entrance of the trade show. This is often done by hiring a model form a local agency.

To improve the effectiveness of the flyer, it is best to make an irresistible offer. Offer something of value in exchange for their time to visit your booth. A free gift, a product sample, a back massage, or some other enticement will dramatically increase the number of people at your booth.

All You Have Is 30 Seconds


As people are walking the tradeshow floor, you only have 30 seconds to catch their eye. It is important for them to immediately know what you are selling.

Make it easy for people to see what your product is, have the name of your business in large letters and highly visible.

Just as important, on the same sign, write your UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION. This is the reason why people would buy from you. If they have to guess what you are selling, they will quickly move on.

Let People Know You Are At The Tradeshow


Be sure to contact all the companies in your data base and let them know that you are going to be at the tradeshow. Send a map marking your location on the tradeshow floor.

You may want to send an invitation to all the companies to whom you are currently trying to sell your products, inviting them to meet you at the tradeshow.

Nothing is better than a face to face meeting with a potential customer. You may want to offer them a free product sample, gift, or entry form in a contest for a valuable prize. You would be surprised at what people will do for something free.

Business Cards


Be sure to get a business card from everyone who comes to your booth. Business cards tell you many things: the name of the person who visited your booth, the name of his company, the position he holds in the company, and how to contact him. Have plenty of blank cards for those who run out.

It is more important to get their business cards
than give away yours.

Helpful Hint: Have the salesmen divide the collected business cards into A-B-C piles, separating them according to the quality of the lead. This will allow you to quickly go through the cards, separating out legitimate leads. Then reach out to your A prospective clients first, then the B, then C and so on.

Following Up With The Leads


80% of all leads collected by most businesses are never followed up effectively. You have to make an initial contact within two weeks. The best way to do this is with a 2-step marketing plan. Send out your brochure or catalog and then, in 4 or 5 days, follow up with a courtesy phone call.

Most brochures are tossed aside at the end of a tradeshow, never to be looked at again. The phone call will at least bring yours to the top of the pile.

Don’t Just Show Your Product, Sell It!


Create urgency for the sale at the tradeshow. It is important to stop people from walking away to just “think about it”.

The most effective way to get the sale at the tradeshow is to offer a special show price. This discounted price should be enticing enough for prospective customers to make an immediate buying decision. This will then put your foot in the door for their future business.

Attracting People To Your Booth


, one of my specialties is to attract people to a trade show booth through the use of a carefully scripted presentation combined with magic. The magic builds a crowd. I create excitement at your booth. I then interweave your company’s marketing message with the magic. This sales pitch combined with the entertainment creates a one-two punch, ending with the potential customers being lead into the booth so that your salespeople can write up their orders.

Whatever way you use to attract people to your booth, be sure that it is dynamic and memorable. You want people to remember you long after the tradeshow is over. 

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    “Matias is amazing tying your corporate message in with fun magic. He attracted many people to my booth at Trade Brooklyn but more importantly communicated the value of my products and services in a meaningful way. I received many more requests for information and follow-up meetings than from previous trade shows and I attribute that mostly to having Fun Corporate Magic at my booth.

    I highly recommend Fun Corporate Magic for corporate brand building events.”

    Steven Conyers

    President, CMIT Solutions

    “We all enjoyed your marvelous talents and the productive efforts in helping us sell our great products. You are so much fun and I wish you could be here every day at the office so we can enjoy magic all the time. Thanks again for everything! It was a pleasure to work with you, meet you and enjoy your talents.”
    Lilian Caperila

    President, Premier USA

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