T E N   S E C R E T S
to increase your leads generation
at your next trade show by 200%


A tradeshow is one of the best places to meet the greatest number of real prospects, all at the same place at the same time. With the right game plan, you can obtain enough contacts to generate a year’s worth of orders by attending just one tradeshow.

The reason for this is because the prospects you meet at a tradeshow are the decisions makers. According to the Tradeshow Bureau, 34% of the visitors will be top or middle management, 21% are sales/marketing professionals, 20% are in engineering or research, and 12% are production supervisors. Seven out of ten firms make purchases as a result of attending tradeshows.

I have spent hundreds of hours observing traffic patterns at tradeshows in order to determine why some booths seem to attract a steady stream of visitors while others remain almost deserted. I have found that there are certain rules that can be followed which will dramatically increase the leads you can get at your next tradeshow.

This booklet will hopefully motivate you to maximize your marketing potential. This idea generator should get you started in the right direction.

Here are some of Matias’ clients:

Volkswagen Group
“Customers and clients really gave great feedback on Matias. He was engaging, funny, and gave wow moments to his audience. Will highly recommend him for corporate events and will use him in any of my upcoming future corporate events. Good job Matias!”
Jackie Foulks

Senior Meeting Manager, American Express

“Matias entertained us at a work party on Friday. He was fantastic! He’s been the topic of conversation at work today. Our colleagues who didn’t go to the party missed a great time. I would recommend him for your next gathering large or small!”
Heather Brenna

Clinical Coordinator, Hasbro Children Hospital

“Thank you, Matias! Looks like everyone enjoyed you very much! I did get a lot of good responses from everyone! Thank you! We will definitely work with you again for future events!”
Marko Duffy

President, Marathon Sales

Here I give you a powerful tool that, if followed letter-by-letter you will increased the lead generation by 200% or more!

Here are some of the topics I include in this booklet:

1. Location vs. Salespeople

2. Getting the Most Out Of Your Salespeople

3. Live Demonstrations

4. Circulars

5. All You Have Is 30 Seconds

6. Let People Know You Are At The Tradeshow

7. Business Cards

8. Following Up With The Leads

9. Don’t Just Show Your Product, Sell It!

10. Attracting People To Your Booth

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