The 10 Steps to Succeed at a Corporate Event

Every successful program has a formula that factors into event planning. And my program is not the exception. I came up with these essential 10 steps to succeed at a corporate event to guarantee to my clients that I will deliver what was promised: create a unique client-product experience that is interactive, fun, and memorable; and one that showcases your brand, and attracts people to your booth at a Trade Show. With the return of in-person events, the ability to network and attract new business at your next event can be elevated with our involvement and experience in creating an impact that will be a highlight for guests of the event.

1. Creative Brief
The process starts with the first meeting in which we collect as much information about your company, your products, services, key benefits, who is your target audience, what are your marketing goals, etc. This sets the guidelines for the following step.

2. Tricks Development Pt.1 – Ideas
With all the information we gathered above, we think of 15-20 possible ideas that will showcase your products in a fun and engaging way while communicating the key benefits.

3. Tricks Selection
This is the part where the company will select those ideas that they found more attractive, interesting, and doable. Budget, venue requirements, and timing will be the keys to determining which ideas will be developed in the next step.

Trade Show Magician - demo

4. Tricks Development Pt.2 – Scripting
Once we have the ideas, we start working on the script to streamline. We carefully script each trick to make sure we are communicating the products and services’ key benefits while keeping it fun, entertaining, and engaging.

5. Tricks Presentation to Marketing and Product Managers
So, the first draft is ready and it’s time for their first evaluation. This is where we tweak the script for possible technicalities and improve the wording. Then we are ready to work on the presentation.

6. Routine Rehearsals
We take around 1-2 weeks to rehearse the tricks, sometimes more depending on the complexity of the illusions. This guarantees our clients that we will talk about the products and services as if we were a part of the company.

Trade Show Magician - experience

7. Trick Presentation to the Marketing Team, Product Managers, and Board of Directors
The final presentation is ready and it’s time to see it live. We use the marketing team and product managers as our test drive. Sometimes we present this to the Board of Directors, pretending they are the prospective clients.

Trade Show Magician - product

8. Final adjustments
We strive for perfection and at this time we encourage final adjustments if they are needed.

9. Day of the Event
It’s showtime! We will take over the booth or event; educate the sales force to make sure everybody knows what we are doing and maximize exposure for all attendees.

10. Post Show Evaluation
We believe that the only way of getting better is by analyzing the outcome of our efforts and if there is any room for improvement. We want to make sure our client’s ROI is positive and that this experience turned into more quality leads, better contracts, and, of course, future work together no matter what type of event it is.

Trade Show Magician - guests