Magia&Vino: The Ultimate Wine Experience

We Guarantee This Show Will Change

The Way You Drink Wine

 And Will Make It Unforgettable And Fun!!!

Having a fun night in NY is a challenging task. You want it to be fun and extra special for you and your companions; an event that will be the main topic of conversation for the next week; and something you would like to bring your friends and colleagues from work.

What Really Makes A
Special Night Unforgettable?

A professional show that gets your guests involved and keeps them laughing is one of the major keys to making an event fun, exciting and memorable. Now think about adding some good wines. Then we have our winner. Indeed, let us introduce you to:

Magia&Vino: The Ultimate Wine Experience

Magia&Vino (aka Magic and wine in English) was an event Matias helped produce back in Chile with other famous chilean magicians for some of the best Chilean wineries. The idea was simple: to create an exciting experience around the wines that will make the attendees want to buy more wines. How did Matias and his team achieve that? By incorporating magic related to wines into the program.

Today, Matias brings that same exciting experience to you. Within the program, you will have the opportunity to try some excellent wines while experiencing a series of tricks. All of them are related to wines.

Matias will present some of his favorite tricks. Magia&Vino is an attempt to bring the wine and magic closer to the audience in which they will actively participate. Some of Matias’ tricks include his awarded floating table, money tricks, wine bottles multiplication, giving out the name of the wine someone is thinking off and many more surprises as in the video below.

What can you expect at the Show?

We have created a unique experience that includes wine, illusions, music and cool people. Your ticket will be the pass to an amazing event that will include:

  • Reception: Guest will be welcomed with some nice background music, and the coolest brand ambassadors; cash bar. 30 Min.
  • Wine tasting: You will experience and taste up to 4 selected and exclusive wines. 20-30 Min.
  • Magia&Vino Show Part 1: Up to 45 Min of illusions and mentalism related to wines. 45 Min.
  • Intermission: cash bar. 15 Min.
  • Magia&Vino Show Part 2: 20-25 minute including a great wine finale. 25 Min.
  • Closure: cash bar. 30 Min.

Call Time / Door opens at 6:00 PM
Show starts 7:00 PM
Show Ends 8:30 PM
Door closes 9: 00PM



Matias is one of the new hottest Illusionist in NY. His charming accent along with his unique blend of top-notch illusions, mentalism, clean comedy, high energy, pickpocket, and (most importantly) lots of audience participation will make your Magia&Vino Experience fun, exciting and also memorable.

Originally from Chile, a land of good wines, Matias studied Business. Later one he combined his passion for magic, marketing skills and a good taste for wines, to bring you this unique wine magical experience.

In the show you will see bottles of wines magically appear, disappear, and multiply. In addition, Matias will use his mentalist skills to find out a wine someone is thinking about, while making some amazing predictions. All while enjoying some good drinks and the best entertainment.

Matias has being recognized as one of NY’s Top Comedy Illusionist, Mentalist and Pickpocket. We know you are going to love his charming accent along with his amazing tricks and this exclusive wine show!

Matias Letelier

The Curator

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