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How to make the 4 aces magically appear

The Effect:

You take a deck of cards. After you shuffle this for a few seconds, then you magically produce the 4 access in less than a second. 

The Secret:

First place the 4 aces on top of the deck. Then shuffle the cards keeping the 4 aces on top. After shuffling a few times, “peal two aces to the bottom”. In other words, now you will have 2 aces on top and 2 in the bottom. Then you are ready to perform the trick. Whenever you are ready, hold the top and bottom card with your right hand, and throw the package of cards to your left. The friction between your fingers and the two cards will make these cards stay in your fingers while the rest of cards will fly away to your hand. Repeat this again, and you will ended up with 4 cards. Leave them on the table. Then turn them face up revealing the 4 aces.

Performance Tip:

Practice the move: Throw the cards from the right hand to the left while holding the top and bottom card. With practice this should become easy.

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