Making Your Next Company Event Truly Magical

As a professional event organizer, you take pride in flawlessly executing corporate events, from intimate gatherings to conferences with thousands. Finding entertainment that truly wows your audience is easier said than done.

It would help if you had performers who understand business audiences and know how to engage them actively.

The perfect solution? Bring a touch of magic and mentalism to your next corporate occasion with Fun Corporate Magic.

Our roster of 25+ professional magicians, mentalists, and illusionists specializes exclusively in astonishing corporate crowds nationwide.

Their experience translates to completely customized shows tailored to your specific company event goals and audience while staying within your budget parameters.

virtual magic show - iPad Magic
virtual magic show - iPad Magic

But more than just staging corporate entertainment, here is what you can expect by partnering with us for your next event:

Flawless Logistics & Planning

We handle the heavy lifting of booking our customized talent for your event date and managing all contracts, schedules, and details so you can focus on other planning priorities.

Proven Crowd Engagement

Keep every last person intrigued with interactive magic shows that draw even wallflowers into the fun. Our mentalists are masters at reading audiences, pulling CEOs on stage for an unbelievable experience they’ll rave about for months.

Complete Magical Customization 

Our diversity of performers includes illusionists, sleight-of-hand artists, hypnotists, and more. This allows us to provide customized entertainment solutions that fit your exact event theme, company culture, audience interests, and budget needs. 

Contact us today to let our magic help you effortlessly pull off your most talked-about, memorable, extraordinary corporate event yet. We provide an unforgettable experience that will leave your guests impressed!

zoom magic show - participants

What Other Common Questions Do We Receive?

Q: How can I make my corporate event more magical?

A: You can make your corporate event more magical by hiring a magician to perform tricks, entertain guests, and align the event theme with a touch of magic.

Q: Where can I hire a magician for my corporate event?

A: You can hire a magician for your corporate event through a reputable entertainment vendor or agency that specializes in providing magic acts for events.

Q: What variety of tricks can a magician perform at a corporate event?

A: A magician can perform a variety of magic tricks, from sleight of hand to illusions, to amaze and entertain guests at your corporate event.

Q: What are some team-building activities that involve magic tricks?

A: Team-building activities involving magic tricks can include group magic workshops, illusion challenges, and collaborative magic performances, which can bring coworkers together in a fun and magical way.

Q: How can a magician make my corporate event genuinely unforgettable?

A: A magician can make your corporate event unforgettable by creating magical moments, engaging with the audience, and sprinkling the event with awe-inspiring magic tricks.

Q: How can I align the entertainment at my corporate event with the overall theme?

A: You can align the entertainment at your corporate event with the overall theme by choosing a magician whose performance style and tricks complement the event’s theme and message.