What is a Corporate Magician?

Magic is a great way to engage audiences, break the ice, and elevate your corporate event while making your company gathering truly memorable. But what exactly is a Corporate Magician, and how do you go about booking one?

At Fun Corporate Magic, we’ve been providing world-class corporate magicians, mentalists, and illusionists for corporate events of all kinds for over 15 years. Our performers are seasoned pros at amazing audiences without crossing any lines. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about hiring clean corporate magicians so you can book the perfect corporate entertainment for your next company party, conference, trade show, or retreat.

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What is a Corporate Magician?

A Corporate magician specializes in performing at corporate events and functions. Their magic act is tailored to entertain and captivate professional audiences while maintaining a workplace-friendly comedic tone.

Corporate magicians understand the nuances of performing in a business setting. Their performances combine interactive humor with tasteful tricks to liven up the event without going over the top. You won’t find embarrassing jokes—just good, clean, fun that makes everyone feel good!

Corporate magic is highly sophisticated, involving sleight-of-hand tricks, mentalism, and even some large-stage illusions. All act elements are designed to work well in a corporate setting. The corporate magician will grab attention in a crowded room while remaining approachable and professional.

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When Should You Hire a Corporate Magician?

Here are some of the most popular uses for corporate magicians at business events:

#1. Holiday Parties

This is the classic Christmas or end-of-year party to celebrate with staff. A close-up magician mingles, performing magic tricks as people arrive and network.

#2. Award Ceremony

For corporate award dinners honoring top salespeople or long-time employees, a professional magician entertains throughout the cocktail hour and reception. Before your corporate awards event, you can entertain VIP guests in the reception hall. Magic helps set the tone for an elegant affair.

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#3. Dinner Gala

Large, upscale corporate dinner events can feature a roving magician performing close-up magic during the reception, followed by a magic/mentalism show after dinner.

#4. Company Picnic

At more casual outdoor company picnics, magicians walk around in unique groups with tricks and grand illusions over food and activities.

#5. Retreats and Team Building Events

Having a corporate entertainer at a team-building workshop energizes employees and underscores key lessons through interactive magic. Participating in tricks and illusions that require or may involve collaboration, communication, and creativity helps teams engage with each other, think outside the box, and tie directly into the event’s development goals in a unique, hands-on way. The shared experience gives people something fun to bond over.

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#6. Product Launch Party

When launching a new product line, service, or office, hire a corporate magician to perform customized magic that aligns with your brand and key messages. A magician at your next product launch or store opening helps build buzz and engagement with the audience. Through tailored illusions and tricks, the magician can highlight the unique benefits and selling points of your new offering. This creative approach makes the launch memorable while seamlessly conveying your value proposition. The branded magical entertainment grabs attention and drives home the reasons to buy, helping increase conversion rates.

#7. Anniversary Party

Magic acts help make commemorative parties more special on your firm’s milestone anniversaries (10 years, 25 years, 50 years).

#8. Holiday Mixer

Festive magicians incorporate holiday themes into their routines at Christmas mixer events with clients or employees.

#9. Casino Party

If you’re holding a Vegas-style casino night, magicians and mentalists add more entertainment alongside the gambling tables and food.

#10. Conference Entertainment

Give attendees something to talk about! Book a magician for an after-dinner show at your corporate conference or for your VIP clients at a hospitality suite. It’s far more memorable and fun than just another speaker.

#11. Trade Show Booth

Draw crowds to your trade show booth with a must-see magic act. Your brand will make a bigger impact, and you will collect more leads.

Types of Corporate Magicians

Not all corporate magicians adapt their acts for corporate events. Here are the main types of corporate magicians to look for:

Close-up Magicians

These corporate magicians perform sleight-of-hand card tricks and clever illusions at close range. They stroll from group to group at events.

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Stage Magicians

Stage magicians put on a magic show complete with large-scale props and illusions for more significant events.

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Mentalists wow audiences by appearing to read minds, predict events, and control behaviors using mental powers. It’s a great interactive act.

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How to Book the Best Corporate Magician

Searching “corporate magician near me” will bring up many options, but how do you choose? Here are our tips:

* Watch Videos

Check out footage of their act to envision them at your event. Make sure you like their style.

* Read Reviews

Choose a corporate magician with consistently stellar reviews and feedback from past clients.

* Ask About Experience

Please find out how long they’ve been performing and what types of corporate clients they have. Look for relevant experience.

* Discuss Your Needs

Share details about your event and audience. A quality magician will suggest ideas to make sure their act fits.

* Consider Logistics

Factor in space requirements, group sizes, and stage access for the magician.

Other Questions We Often Receive:

Q: How much does a magician cost for a corporate event?

The cost of hiring a magician for a corporate event can vary depending on factors such as the magician’s professionalism, customization of the performance, and the type of magic performed. On average, you can expect to pay a certain fee to hire a professional magician for your event.

Q: What can you expect when you hire a magician for your event?

When you hire a magician for your event, you can expect them to perform close-up magic tricks, make your event more memorable, and create a sense of wonder among your guests. They will tailor their performance to suit the theme and audience of your event.

Q: What type of magic do corporate magicians perform?

Corporate magicians often specialize in performing close-up magic, sleight-of-hand tricks, and interactive magic shows. They can make your event more exciting and successful by engaging with the audience and creating a fun and magical atmosphere.

Q: How important is choosing the right magician for your corporate event?

The success of your event can significantly depend on choosing the right magician. A professional and experienced magician can enhance the overall experience for your guests, leaving a lasting impression and making your event more memorable.

Q: What is the cost range to hire a magician for a corporate event?

The cost of hiring a magician for a corporate event can vary depending on the magician’s expertise, the event type, and the performance duration. On average, you can expect to pay a certain amount for the magician’s services.

Q: How do magicians make corporate events more engaging?

Magicians can make corporate events more engaging by performing popular magic tricks, interacting with the audience, and creating a sense of wonder and excitement. Their magical performances can enhance the overall atmosphere of the event.

* Request a Custom Quote

Reputable magicians will provide a customized quote tailored to your event needs.

At Fun Corporate Magic, our simple online booking process takes the hassle out of hiring incredible corporate magicians and mentalists for your next company event. Browse our roster of top corporate magicians or request a custom quote today!