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Matias Letelier

New Jersey’s Hottest Illusionist, Mentalist and Pickpocket

for Corporate Magic Shows in New Jersey, NJ!

We Guarantee His Charming Accent Along With His Unique Blend Of Top-Notch Magic, Mentalism, Clean Comedy, Pick Pocketing, High Energy, And Lots Of Audience Participation Will Make Your Next Corporate Event In New Jersey Fun, Amazing and Memorable, Or You’ll Get The Show FREE And We’ll Donate $100 To Your Favorite Charity Just For Wasting Your Time!

Thank you for your interest in Matias’ Corporate Magic Show for your upcoming event in New Jersey. We call him the New Jersey Corporate Entertainment Specialist because he knows how to delight your guests with Fun Corporate Magic! Many times throughout the year he helps make corporate events in New Jersey fun, entertaining and exciting. The best style of entertainment for corporate events is an illusionist, mentalist and pickpocket who can provide a fun and interactive experience for your guests. And Matias offers a stage show where he performs illusions and comedy tricks; or close-up magic, mentalism and pickpocket during the reception or cocktail hour where the magic happens in the spectator’s hands. Both will have everybody laughing, entertained, amused and amazed. Everybody will be involved with the magic as it includes lots of active audience participation. Just imagine your guests’ faces when Matias makes a table float in the air or when he turns five $1 bills into $500!

We know how stressful it can be to plan your event. Allow us to help you make it a complete success!

Hear what people say about Matias Virtual Magic Zoom Shows!

I used Fun Corporate Magic for entertainment at my company's holiday party and everything was GREAT! working with Cecilia was amazing, she was extremely accommodating and responsive. She provided many options within my budget that were all perfect for the theme. All of the onsite entertainers were very professional and engaging. Everyone loved the costumes and energy of the dancers and the Matias was AMAZING! My execs really loved the magic show interactions. Thanks again!
Matias is awesome!Highly recommend him.Can not say enough about his talent, personality and professionalism.Always enjoyable and partygoers look forward to seeing him!
Mattias puts on a terrific show! He's especially impressive with the way he adapts on the fly and customizes his program for the audience. His virtual show is high quality in terms of technology and a terrific value for what he charges. I highly recommend working with him.
I work for a Fortune 500 company and I hired Matias to do a social e-connected virtual magic show for a corporate team event of almost 200 guests. Matias has a wonderful personality, is professional and fun and the feedback from our group was overwhelmingly positive and everyone was truly amazed! I love how he was able to personalize our show by using our company logo and added very specific shout outs for our group that made it feel more tailored for a more connected experience. It also wasn't only watching him do tricks-he did several interactive tricks that everyone could participate in from home. He provided me with multiple contact methods and personally kept in touch with me. If I had any questions or concerns, he responded immediately and his assistant, Mikayla, was always available as well. He made me feel very at ease and his logistics were very easy to manage and made set up so easy! Highly recommend and sharing with my peers for future event ideas! Thank you Matias and Mikayla! I am sure I will be calling on you again in the future!
I am responsible for our annual company holiday party and this year it included Matias Leterlier. We had him for a one hour stroll during the cocktail hour. With 150 employees, I wanted to be certain they were entertained and from the comments I would certainly say they were! President is not the easiest man to please and when I informed him I was asked to write a review, he told me "Please do, he was wonderful.!"
The entire team and Rachel Wax particularly did a fantastic job at my party. Incredibly engaging to the entire dinner party audience. The perfect option to add something different to your party. They were also all very responsive in the lead up and flexible in designing a program that worked for our event/group.
"Our family and friends were thrilled. Jack got to invite his whole class and their siblings. Everyone left with a smile and some beautiful new magical activities."
Matias is a very talented entertainer and we had a really fun time at our company's virtual holiday party. If you want to have a laugh and learn a few good magic tricks, I definitively recommend!
Matias was AMAZING! We had him do a 30-minute show for our virtual company Holiday Party! He brought lots of energy and made it extremely interactive, exactly what we wanted! All of our employees had a blast! This was a great decision and we would bring Matias back for a future event! 10/10 performance!
I am an event planner and struggled this year as we had to adapt to changing all our annual events to online formats. The Corporate Holiday party for a prestigious Insurance company was proving to be seemingly difficult. How could I manage to find engaging, interactive entertainment virtually for 400 associates ranging from 18-65 years of age, CEO’s and AVP’s included?Well I can tell you. There was some pushback when I put in the bid, suggesting a Magician to join us in our WebEx call, but Matias won everyone over. If you are skeptical in the slightest, just join one of his free demos!Matias is excellent at reading the crowd, quickly adjusting to technical glitches and providing a seamless, fun and engaging event. Never have we received so many post event compliments! Fun Corporate Magic saved the day and I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone.Thank you, Matias and Marlana!
Matias was able to help us host a fun virtual year end celebration. It was a pleasure working with him. He was very responsive through out the process.
Recently came to our company (virtually) and was a big hit! Hope to have him again (in person) when we're back in office!
Very fun show over the web.
These companies trust Illusionist Matias
Fun Corporate Magic Mobile

In addition Matias has brought his show to many more corporate and private events in New Jersey and other cities in the New York area, including the following New Jersey based companies:

  • Verona Junior Womens Club, Verona, NJ
  • Crystal Springs Resort, Sussex County, NJ
  • Galloping Hill Inn, Union, NJ
  • Hilton Woodcliff Lake, Woodcliff Lake, NJ
  • Boys & Girls Club of Passaic, Passaic, NJ
  • And many more

Check Out Our Great Programs To Make Your Event Unforgettable!

We have 4 programs for you: A full stage show, a one-man show, a mentalist show, and strolling entertainment. Or maybe try a combination of them!

Fun Corporate Magic - Matias & Alexandria Stage Illusion Show

This is a professional show that will turn your event into a Las Vegas Show! You’ll see Matias perform his world-class illusions with his beautiful partenaire Alexandria including a magical appearance, the ring illusion, levitations and Houdini's famous Metamorphosis.

Matias and Alexandria will keep your guests engaged and entertained with their clean comedy and interactive magic. And they will include your company’s name or products in some custom tricks specially created for your event. Plus, Matias will pick-pocket some of your guest’s watches, wallets, cellphones and more. Also 4 of your guests will float in mid-air in a trick that will have the whole audience hysterically laughing. And we guarantee everybody will talk about it for years to come!

YOUR INVESTMENT email us for prices

* Show includes professional sound system. Screens and lights are separate.
** Travel fee will apply for shows more than 50 miles away from New York.

Fun Corporate Magic - Matias & Alexandria Stage Illusion Show

This is a one man show that includes illusions, mentalism and lots of interactions. No need to have a proper stage and it can be accommodated to small and large venues. Matias will also perform tricks especially created for your event by using your company’s brand name, logo, or products.

YOUR INVESTMENT email us for pricing

* Show includes professional sound system. Screens and lights are separate. 
** Travel fee will apply for shows more than 50 miles away from New York.

Mentalist Show

This is a mentalist show that is better for intimate dinners or small events, and it can be adjusted to fit small and large venues. The show includes a series of card tricks and mind reading demonstrations the way it used to be performed at the end of the 19th century, where a prestidigitator would be invited to entertain the guests with elegant and classic sleights of hands along with mind reading and psychic demonstrations. Matias will also perform tricks specially created for the event by using the name of the guest of honor or your company. All of this, along with the finest mentalism and smoothest pickpocketing, will leave everybody laughing and amazed.

MENTALIST SHOW  email us for pricing

* Show includes professional sound system. Screens and lights are separate. 
** Travel fee will apply for shows more than 50 miles away from New York.


This is where Matias mixes and mingles with your guests performing short five to ten minutes sets that include top-notch magic, clean comedy, mentalism/mind-readings and pick-pocketing. Everybody will be involved with the magic happening right in their hands. Just imagine your guests’ faces when Matias performs astonishing and sophisticated tricks, reads their minds, pull items from his iPad, turns five $1 bills into $500, and all while pickpocketing their watches, wallets, glasses and more!

  • Full Event + Custom Tricks + iPad Magic: email us for pricing Matias will be there for up to 4 hours and will customize the tricks around your company, products and services. Plus he will give a special trick (that he will pull-off the iPad) that will be customize with your company's logo.
  • Up to 2 hours + iPad Magic: email us for pricing

    Matias will be there for up to 2 hours. Matias won't include the trick customization and trick souvenirs, but it will include his awarded iPad magic.

* Travel fee will apply for shows more than 50 miles away from New York.

Magic & Wine

This unique show brings the wine and magic closer to the audience in which they will actively participate. Some of Matias’ tricks include his awarded floating table, money tricks, wine bottles multiplication, giving out the name of the wine someone is thinking off and many more surprises as in the video below. This show is perfect for groups up to 40 guests.
Prices range from $300-$600 per person depending on the menu.

Virtual Magic Show Reel 2021

"Social-e-Connected" is a highly interactive One-Man show in which Matias will perform a series of tricks with the active participation of the guests, mixing high impact tricks and stage illusions that will make everyone feel socially connected.

In addition, Matias will use the screen to do some mentalist tricks, and a special connection test where everybody will get to do a card trick together from home, so get ready to participate in this unique virtual experience! By the end, Matias will make 8 bottles of wine magically appear, and will offer a toast for all the guests to celebrate that they are all social-e-connected!

And the show can be customized for your event to take Social-e-Connected to the next level!


- 60 Min
- 45 Min
- 30 Min

* We can do shorter programs too!
** At the end you can add a 10-15 min master class where you and your guests will learn some cool and easy-to-do card tricks.

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Please note Illusionist & Mentalist Matias Letelier will also travel to New York, Manhattan, Westchester, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island City, Brooklyn, North Bergen, Bronx, West New York, Union City, Weehawken, Flushing, Fairview, Edgewater, Hoboken, Jersey City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, NY, Atlantic City, NY, New York, Las Vegas, Ridgefield, Cliffside Park, Palisades Park, Fort Lee, Secaucus, Ridgefield Park, Leonia, Englewood Cliffs.

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