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I used Fun Corporate Magic for entertainment at my company's holiday party and everything was GREAT! working with Cecilia was amazing, she was extremely accommodating and responsive. She provided many options within my budget that were all perfect for the theme. All of the onsite entertainers were very professional and engaging. Everyone loved the costumes and energy of the dancers and the Matias was AMAZING! My execs really loved the magic show interactions. Thanks again!
Matias is awesome!Highly recommend him.Can not say enough about his talent, personality and professionalism.Always enjoyable and partygoers look forward to seeing him!
Mattias puts on a terrific show! He's especially impressive with the way he adapts on the fly and customizes his program for the audience. His virtual show is high quality in terms of technology and a terrific value for what he charges. I highly recommend working with him.
I work for a Fortune 500 company and I hired Matias to do a social e-connected virtual magic show for a corporate team event of almost 200 guests. Matias has a wonderful personality, is professional and fun and the feedback from our group was overwhelmingly positive and everyone was truly amazed! I love how he was able to personalize our show by using our company logo and added very specific shout outs for our group that made it feel more tailored for a more connected experience. It also wasn't only watching him do tricks-he did several interactive tricks that everyone could participate in from home. He provided me with multiple contact methods and personally kept in touch with me. If I had any questions or concerns, he responded immediately and his assistant, Mikayla, was always available as well. He made me feel very at ease and his logistics were very easy to manage and made set up so easy! Highly recommend and sharing with my peers for future event ideas! Thank you Matias and Mikayla! I am sure I will be calling on you again in the future!
I am responsible for our annual company holiday party and this year it included Matias Leterlier. We had him for a one hour stroll during the cocktail hour. With 150 employees, I wanted to be certain they were entertained and from the comments I would certainly say they were! President is not the easiest man to please and when I informed him I was asked to write a review, he told me "Please do, he was wonderful.!"
The entire team and Rachel Wax particularly did a fantastic job at my party. Incredibly engaging to the entire dinner party audience. The perfect option to add something different to your party. They were also all very responsive in the lead up and flexible in designing a program that worked for our event/group.
"Our family and friends were thrilled. Jack got to invite his whole class and their siblings. Everyone left with a smile and some beautiful new magical activities."
Matias is a very talented entertainer and we had a really fun time at our company's virtual holiday party. If you want to have a laugh and learn a few good magic tricks, I definitively recommend!
Matias was AMAZING! We had him do a 30-minute show for our virtual company Holiday Party! He brought lots of energy and made it extremely interactive, exactly what we wanted! All of our employees had a blast! This was a great decision and we would bring Matias back for a future event! 10/10 performance!
I am an event planner and struggled this year as we had to adapt to changing all our annual events to online formats. The Corporate Holiday party for a prestigious Insurance company was proving to be seemingly difficult. How could I manage to find engaging, interactive entertainment virtually for 400 associates ranging from 18-65 years of age, CEO’s and AVP’s included?Well I can tell you. There was some pushback when I put in the bid, suggesting a Magician to join us in our WebEx call, but Matias won everyone over. If you are skeptical in the slightest, just join one of his free demos!Matias is excellent at reading the crowd, quickly adjusting to technical glitches and providing a seamless, fun and engaging event. Never have we received so many post event compliments! Fun Corporate Magic saved the day and I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone.Thank you, Matias and Marlana!
Matias was able to help us host a fun virtual year end celebration. It was a pleasure working with him. He was very responsive through out the process.
Recently came to our company (virtually) and was a big hit! Hope to have him again (in person) when we're back in office!
Very fun show over the web.
We've had Matias do a show at one of our online office meetings and he was so friendly with everyone, as if he already knew us from before, and as if we were actually coworkers.He gives a very good vibe and he's so energetic. The magic tricks were really interesting and I am glad I had the chance to virtually attend one of his shows. Would definitely attend again, as I am sure he has so much more to offer.
Matias was awsome from beginning to end! Well worth the time and money!! We will be using him again!!
Matias was amazing! He helped us kick off our company's virtual Spirit Week and he left everyone with a smile! He did a great job of involving the audience and keeping everyone on their toes for the next trick! Highly recommended!
We participated in a virtual magic show and had a great time. My two daughters, ages 12 and 14, had a lot of fun and were amazed by the tricks. They also learned their own tricks, which they have been showing to others. Would definitely recommend.
Matias incorporated our groups' traits into the performance!! The show was very interactive even though it was a virtual magic show. It was a great social connection during pandemic time.
Fun Corporate Magic were wonderful to work with! They provided a great experience with the virtual magic show, everyone had a fun time!! Thank you!!!
I truly enjoyed the virtual magic show, it was so much fun. The card trick which I did in my office was awesome, I'm not sure who he did it. Also he did something at the end where he creates bottles of wine! I need to invite him over for a dinner party. Thank you for a fun event.
Very entertaining and fun!
Matias is hilarious and was also able to provide a memorable magical experience through the pandemic. His show is crafty, full of laughs, and really provides an interactive experience.
Matias was incredible! The show was terrific and really helped take my friend's long distance birthday party to the next level. Everyone was entertained and bedazzled by the performance. Matias was thoughtful and patient through any technical issues and very accomodating to our needs. We especially enjoyed the personalized tricks and audience. participation. I have already, and will continue to recommend Matias to all of my friends seeking pandemic-friendly entertainment! Thanks again!
Wonderful show for my company's virtual engagement program!
Magician Matias exceeded all expectations in his virtual show. The audience loved his level of engagement and was especially amazed by his interactive card trick
I have seen Matias in person and now virtually. It is amazing how he can build an intimate and engaging show using Zoom. It was like having him and everyone else on our living room. It is so cool how he mixes magic and technology to actually make everyone participate. I fully recommend him!
Matias was incredible. Super friendly, funny, and a very experienced illusionist. We had seen him previously at the McKittrick, and this was actually more enjoyable since it was personalized!
I ask Matais if he could do a short performance for my special needs students virtually. He was a ton of fun, very interactive, and kept us entertained! My students really enjoyed his show!
I attended a show recently and really got a kick out of Matias' fun tricks and friendly engagement of the audience. I came in with a head full of office-related preoccupations, and left with the joy of wonder and a few good laughs. Thanks for a great evening!
Matias Salmon-Letelier provides so much playfulness and mystery in his show. And his skill is amazing! He also includes everyone so that it feels like a community experience. I highly recommend!
Great illusionist, don't know how he did it!
Contracted Matias to do a virtual magic show for my wife's birthday. I found him via an internet search with no prior experience. I wasn't too sure how well a live act would translate to a virtual event, but it was wonderful. Matias was funny and energetic, and really kept the audience entertained! Also, the instructions and help to make sure the show went off smoothly were top notch. Good stuff and highly recommended!
"Thx Matias Letelier for doing all of your amazing videos and keeping your magic going" - Soren (age 7)Matias is a great charismatic showman. He is entertaining, current and 'charming' in more than one sense of the word 🙂 He puts the audience at ease while involving them in the show in a really fun way. If you're looking for an illusionist for a social or business event he'll work with you to come up with something just right. I wholeheartedly recommend him. (Quentin - Soren's Dad).
What an amazing show and right in your own living room. So entertaining and a wonderful interactive experience. Matias is an amazing illusionist and full of charisma. Who couldn't use a little magic right now?
This was the most enjoyable experience I have had my whole 6 weeks of quarantine so far! Experiencing Matias digital show feels like you are having your own personal Las Vegas or Broadway show but intimately in your own living room. He is hilarious, charming and just when you think there is no way he is going to pull this trick off--- bam--- you are floored at his talent. He is worth every penny, because for the first time during quarantine, I forgot I was in quarantine and that we were experiencing a world wide pandemic. Matias really makes you believe in magic and I am so grateful for him bringing us hope and joy to our hearts again.
Incredible show - we all needed a good laugh and were thoroughly entertained.I plan on surprising other friends with his gift ASAP ... again
This show brought some joy when we need it most! Thank you, Matias, for you energy, your humor, and your magic!
I LOVE Matias' performances, and especially how he has been able to adapt them for this time in quarantine. Matias did a show for our church and amazed and delighted us all - even in a zoom meeting! The show was interactive and entertaining and lifted my spirits.
Matias is awesome. He provides such a great atmosphere and it is obvious he loves what he does. We have seen Matias perform twice and every time when he finishes, the conversation continues for hours about how great his performances are. I highly recommend him for any event you have.
Very fun show! I appreciate Matias taking the time to perform for us. Audience participation was neat!
Matias show was very entertaining! Great for all ages.
We had an excellent evening over 2 shows with Matias - rave reviews from our teams and it was such a fun time! Really recommend the virtual show. Very uplifting and fun, much needed in the current environment!
Matias charmed us with magic and humor. He personalized the performance for our graduate Scott, making it fun, interactive and entertaining. Thank you Magician Matias. You are the best.
We had a wonderful Zoom birthday for my husband. Mathias and team were super professional, easy to work with and the show was amazing. I had friends and family emailing and texting saying how much they enjoyed the show and connection. I highly recommencement for a family friendly event option!
Matias brought the MAGIC to our online self improvement group meeting during very dark times. We were all so grateful for his positive and uplifting online show. I am excited to include Matias in many future online meetings as he completely uplifted the mood and energy of our group. Thank you, Matias!
Great entertainment and really interesting "tricks".
Matias helped us host a great event! He is very professional, talented, and was great with our hotel guests.
We had our Holiday event for my Executive Team and Matias' presentation was the surprise for the night. He did such an amazing job including everyone around the tables in his tricks, entertaining everyone with such professionalism, and also amazing everyone with his expertise. I heard many laughs across the museum floor, and many more "Wow" moments.Thank you Matias, you made it such an amazing evening. Actually, perfect to begin celebrating the Holiday season...
Matias and his booker couldn't have been more communicative and professional leading up to my corporate event. At the event itself Matias was very personable and performed lots of great tricks that all of our guests loved! Thank you Matias and Coni for a great event!
The booking process was a pleasure!Everyone enjoyed his performance!!
Matias' show at my friend's birthday party was great! Highly recommended! Just don't be like me and tell him what's in your mind before he reads it!
Matías was excellent. He was very entertaining and I enjoyed all the show. He is also very charismatic and connects very well with all the audience. I am so glad he performed at my sister’s bday party.He was the cherry on the cake!
Matias is amazing! I just had the opportunity to hire him for my Birthday Party, he was on time, organized and very professional. He was very easy to reach, talk and coordinate before the event. He is a very sweet person too! My friends and I had a blast at the party, I definitely recommend him for a show. Thanks Matias!
Matias is worth every dollar! He delivered fun and imagination to our clients!Thank you for a great event.Valley Financial Group
Matias was hired to assist with my bourbon brand's launch party which had a 1920's theme. He roamed the party and connected with guests while they mingled and tasted the bourbon. Everyone had a blast and really enjoyed his sleight of hand tricks. He also introduced the new bourbon to the crowd with a bit of shock and awe. He's great and I highly recommend him.
Mattias is amazing!! It is now two weeks later and people are STILL talking about what a great addition he was to my husband's 40th bday party. I definitely recommend hiring him and will be contacting him again in the future for other events!
Matias was an amazing addition to our event. He integrated our products & organization into his work seamlessly. Some people actually thought he was an employee! Definitely one of the most personable entertainers I’ve ever worked with. Would hire again in a heartbeat!
Dear Matias,Wow! What an amazing show! Thank you for your extraordinary evening filled with jaw dropping illusions. I’ll look forward to bringing you back for our next outing.Best regards,Larry
Matias is amazing!!! His talent is over-the-top. Seriously, no one had any clue how he was able to do all the tricks he performed. He worked the room continually. Everyone around him was smiling, yet baffled and speechless. What a charismatic, fun and very professional entertainer! We look forward to working with him again and also referring him to our friends and colleagues, without hesitation.
Matias was amazing! With many illusionist/magicians you can predict what the outcome will be, not with Matias - highly recommend him for all types of events!!
It was amazing we all had so much fun together!!! I would do it again any time
Just thank you again! Everything was perfect and easy. We where laughing so much on our family reunion. I do recommend him very much!
Mathias not only BLOWS your mind, but he can READ your mind!!! And as much as his magic will wow you, he is great for any party! Mathias is very engaging, fun and professional. THE REAL DEAL!!!
Matias came to a private birthday event I held in South Hampton. He was so amazing. I hired him as a mentalist and he was a big highlight as entertainment. You will not only be entertained, but will spend the next day trying to understand how he does everything! thank you matias!!
We recently hired Matias for our son’s first communion celebration. We were so happy we did! His work is incredible. Not your typical “magician” type stuff. He is highly entertaining and mind blowing. We loved the close-up magic where people were able to get up close and personal with his tricks. Also, it gets all your guest engaged and involved. We then did a “show” while we sat for appetizers. I would say his act is good for crowds of all ages. From the very young all the way up to the great grandparents...they we so entertained and awed. Many of you may be looking for an illusionist just as I did... google! I took a chance on Matias as I had never seen one of his performances before. To say I was happy would be an understatement. If you are looking for good clean fun and professionalism he is absolutely the guy. You will not be let down by his talents. I recommend him one thousand percent.
Terrific job entertaining!
An excellent show by Matias. Engaging, fun and full of surprises and great tricks that most had not seen before. Was a huge factor in a successful event. Thank you, Matias!

In addition Matias has brought his show to many more corporate and private events in Queens and other cities in the New York area, including the following Queens based companies:

  • Time Warner Cable Media Inc., Queens, NY


This is a professional show that will turn your event into a fun and memorable night! You’ll see Matias perform his world-class illusions with his beautiful assistant. He will keep your guests engaged and entertained with his clean comedy and interactive magic. And will include your company’s name or products in some custom tricks specially created for your event. Plus, Matias will pick-pocket some of your guest’s watches, wallets, cellphones and more. Also 4 of your guests will float in mid-air in a trick that will have the whole audience hysterically laughing. And we guarantee everybody will talk about it for years to come!

These Are The Types Of Memories Your Guests Will Be Talking The Day After The Party For Years To Come!

This is a one man show (no assistant) that is better for small events or private parties at a restaurant. No need to have a proper stage and it can be accommodated to small and large venues. The Show includes some great illusions and lots of audience interactions. Matias will also performs tricks especially created for your event by using your company’s brand name, logo, or products
This is where Matias mixes and mingles with your guests performing short five to ten minutes sets that include top-notch magic, clean comedy, mentalism and pick pocketing. Everybody will be involved with the magic happening right in their hands. Just imagine your guests’ faces when Matias reads their minds, turns five $1 bills into $500 or pickpocket their watches, wallets, glasses and more!

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